Friday, 25 March 2016

Hanau 1813 - part 3

The 4th Swiss put up a good fight but against two enemy units and being disordered this was only going to end one way.
Just to the right of the Swiss the 9th legere take on another Bavarian column at slightly better odds. There are more Bavarian columns coming up in support however.
In the centre the two sides have settled down to a fire fight and as you can see my French are starting to take casualties. The guard look on but remain uncommitted by the emperor.
The Swiss keep running pursued by one of the Bavarian columns. This shot shows my labelling system on the bottom of the bases to keep track of the various figure types.
The reliable 45th ligne get stuck in to yet another Bavarian column. The 45th were to win this melee and were the only French unit remaining on this flank at the end of the game although by then they were completely surrounded by enemy infantry.
The situation at the end of turn 5.
Another shot of the 9th legere. The 45th ligne can be seen in the background (top left).
This is getting near 'game over'. My right flank is crumbling with both cavalry and infantry routing. One solitary square resists Roy's cavalry supported by the carabiniers who are now seriously under strength. In the centre the combined grenadiers are taking a pasting from Austrian musketry.
Next to the grenadiers the 105th ligne are also taking more casualties including their colonel (who on this occasion is Lasalle). My men are giving as good as they get but behind the enemy front line are three more battalions as yet untouched.
Poniatowski is swept away with the rout of the 8th Polish battalion. Fortunately for him there is no river blocking his line of retreat.
The 9th legere are also routing and my left flank has completely broken.

The view from the Bavarian battery at the end of the game. One gun has been removed as a result of counter-battery fire from my guard artillery.
This is the view from behind the Austrian front line (looking at my combined grenadier battalion).
It's all over now as Roy's cavalry sweep forward to complete his victory.

With both my flanks broken it was time to concede defeat. It was a great game and another good test of the rules. This time I felt there was nothing to change in the rules other than the introduction of the initiative die roll. It's taken a while (I started in 1972) but finally I have a set of rules that I'm really happy with.

My thanks to Roy for yet another splendid game and lunch.


Wellington Man said...

Hurrah for Bavaria! I knew I was right to invest in some of these.

Magnificent show, chaps. Thank you! WM

Stryker said...

Yes, it may be some time before I take on those Bavarians again - think I prefer Roy's Russians!

James Fisher said...

Beautiful Ian! Those years of painting are paying off and you are staging some superb games.

More please!!! :)

Stryker said...

Thanks James. It has been fun getting to play games with the figures rather than just painting them but I have been very fortunate that Roy has so wholeheartedly entered into the spirit of my project.

Stryker said...

Somehow Blogger managed to delete the following comment from David:

May I ask what rules your are using? I might find the answer on your blog but I admit I have not read through it completely just yet.

The rules are my own (with much help from Roy)called 'Muskets & Marshals' and can be viewed/downloaded from the link towards the top of the right menu bar under 'Rules & Stuff'.

lewisgunner said...

Unfortunately the ogre did not commit his guard (which he did in the actual battle) and soipped away with his grumblers through the woods and on to France and his empress who was born say nothing t washing for a week.
The Bavarians retired to Munich in time for Octoberfest and large quantities of Bratwurst, Bierwurst, Weisswurst and curry wurst. washed down with foaming steins of Bavarian brew.
It was indeed the best of times and the wurst of times.

Stryker said...

Roy - in the words of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'll be back!"

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Ah, the perfect way to begin a Saturday! That first mug of coffee and a battle report featuring hundreds of vintage figures painted as nicely as these. I never tire of seeing them on the table.

Best Regards,


Stryker said...

Thanks Stokes - glad to oblige!

'Lee. said...

Been a joy following this battle Ian, and of course I have spent ages studying the pics! Truly inspiring sight, putting those chunky 'modern' castings in their place.

Stryker said...

Thanks Lee glad you enjoyed it!

Stuart C said...

The collection certainly seems to be growing fast - next stop the Russian front and acres of green. Still that would give a chance to add Cossacks to the rules

paulalba said...

Looks splendid Ian very dashing looking troops!!!

Stryker said...

Stuart - Roy already has a Russian army complete with Cossacks!

Paul - thanks!