Wednesday 22 February 2023

A Dozen Eclaireurs

This unit has been a long time coming. Originally I only had 9 riders which is why they began service as a 6-figure squadron combined with the Polish Guard Lancers. It was only when I finally obtained the missing riders that I realised I was also short on horses – doh!

Thankfully Nigel stepped into the breach and kindly provided the extra mounts I required to bring the regiment up to full 12-figure strength.

The figures I used are:

*12 x FN/308 Eclaireur Lancer of the Guard (horse FNH/3)

*One figure has been converted to a trumpeter

I’m pretty pleased with the way these turned out and they’re certainly a colourful addition to the French OOB.

Friday 10 February 2023

More Yummy Eclaireurs

Well, that was a pun waiting to happen. You may remember that I have been gradually expanding my composite cavalry regiments to full 12-figure units of a single type. The last remaining unit to sort out are my combined Guard Lancers and Eclaireurs, so I have made a start on the extra six Eclaireur figures required.

FN308 Eclaireur Lancers of the Guard - WIP.

The trumpet player is a conversion from the basic figure using my tried and tested brass rod and Magic Sculp method. The horses are complete and another couple of painting sessions on the riders should do it.