Saturday 28 October 2023

Drummer for the 33rd

I've made a bit of progress over the last few days and have completed all the rank and file for the French 33rd Regiment so I'm on to the command figures starting with this drummer which as you know is FN/6 Drummer (charging). He's clearly not a drummer 'boy' judging by his luxuriant moustache.

For a change I've given this chap a blue coat rather than green livery.

I've painted a fair few of these over the years and my stocks were dwindling until Tony recently kindly donated some. This was useful as the haul of figures earlier this year did not include any drummers although there were plenty of officers.

I tend to paint the command figures last as a reward for plodding through the rankers so hopefully I'll have the whole unit completed soon.

Saturday 21 October 2023

The madness continues

So, I’m back painting Hintons after a bit of a break and it’s on with the effort to reduce the French FN/5 Fusilier lead mountain. This next unit will nominally represent the 33rd Line infantry regiment.

They’ve been on the desk for a while, but various distractions have meant I’m only just a bit over halfway through them. I’m going to pull my socks up and crack on with them now that storm Babet has eased and allowed reoccupation of the Hinton Hut.