Thursday 25 August 2016

I won’t Boer you with the details

With Vintage Leipzig now rapidly approaching I am beavering away painting up… Boers…eh what? Please, you’ll just have to humour me and take a look at my little side show blog here (if you haven’t already) and perhaps leave a comment there telling me to pull myself together and get back to the Hinton Hunts.

Well I have actually been painting some – six Prussian Jagers to be precise. The idea is to expand my existing unit of 18 to a full 24 figure unit. It became pretty obvious some time back that my individually based skirmisher figures were never going to get a look in on the wargame table as they are too fiddly to use in the large games we have been playing. Reluctantly I decided to increase the unit size and will be rebasing them for use as close order units but still with the capability to deploy as skirmishers if I wish.

This does have an upside though as I have 5 units of skirmishers which means if I paint just 30 figures I will increase the order of battle significantly without having to go through the tedium of painting 24 figures at a time. After the Prussians I will turn my attention to the Austrian Tyrolean Jagers in the hope of having them ready for the great day.

Friday 12 August 2016

2nd East Prussian Cuirassiers

In a project already crammed with nostalgia (for me) here is possibly the most nostalgic unit of them all – the 2nd East Prussian Cuirassiers. All these figures bar one are vintage Hinton Hunt castings of PN.77 Prussian Cuirassier (mounted) charging and the odd one is a Clayton casting of superior quality. They’ve taken me the best part of six months to complete and involved painting somewhere in the region of 380 buttons. I hope you like them. 

380 buttons ride by...
The whole regiment ride dark brown horses - except the trumpeter
Charging to the right!
Charging to the left!
Just charging!!!
Let's hope this is an advance not a retreat...
Pure nostalgia - the same unit painted by me 45 years ago and now long gone
But here they are again restored to their rightful place!

Well, at least I’ve contributed something towards Vintage Leipzig.