Saturday 21 January 2017

Musketeer Regiment No 4 Hoch-Und Deutschmeister

It’s taken a year to finish them but here they are at last the Musketeer Regiment No 4 Hoch-Und Deutschmeister painted as per the Hinton Hunt painting instructions. My original intent had been to have these ready for Vintage Leipzig but that ship has long since sailed.

For the record the figures are:

AN.7 Musketeer, marching x 17
AN.5 Musketeer, firing x 2
AN/25 Hungarian musketeer, firing (painted as Austrian) x 1
AN.1 Officer, charging (DK) x 1
AN.6 Officer, marching x 1
AN.9 Standard bearer (Clayton) x 1
AN.2 Drummer (DK) x 1

The marching figures are all reproductions however the firing figures are very nice vintage castings. The Hungarian is hiding in the middle of the base of three firing figures (if you’ve been trying to spot him).

I haven’t altogether enjoyed painting this unit as you may have gathered by the time its taken, although I did have to break off to paint all those Prussian cavalry last year. However I’m please with the result now they are finished and based up. Next I need to paint an additional 6 Jager figures to bring my Tyrolean’s up to strength.