Sunday 30 October 2022

Fusiliers – done!

I did say that I’d complete these lads before the end of the month so here is the proof. They just need another couple of coats of varnish and basing but technically they are ‘finished’.

I know I’m quite a slow painter but, in the time since I started work on these figures in late August, we have had two monarchs and three prime ministers. I’m slightly concerned about what may happen while I paint the next unit…

Friday 21 October 2022

Flagging a bit

I still seem to be finding every excuse possible not to paint British fusiliers (e.g., working my way through 24 x Jacklex British colonial Highlanders) although I can, hand on heart, say that I’m on course to complete them all by the end of the month. I have however finished all the command figures, including three conversions.

Kings colour and Regimental colour. According to the Revo sheet the flag is for the 23rd regiment rather than the 7th but I'm going to get around this by simply referring to the unit as "The Fusiliers".

The flags were a right old pain to do. They’re from my stock of 20-year-old Revo ones and although the sticky was still working, I was horrified to find that the ink was wearing off as I folded them. I didn’t have any spares, so I just had to go with it and then spent an entire painting session retouching them trying to match the original colours. In the end it seems to have worked out ok although they very nearly went in the bin.

The officer is BN/70 Fusilier Officer (charging). The drummer is a conversion from the charging figure using a drum donated by a Newline Designs highlander.

Hinton Hunt didn’t produce standard bearers or drummers for the fusilier range, so I converted these from charging figures. I’m pretty pleased with the drummer but it’s hard to get the flag anywhere near vertical using a charging figure as a standard bearer as there is only so far the arms will bend. I think they’ll look fine though when ranked up in the line.

Friday 14 October 2022

The Men Who Would Be Colonial Wargamers (off topic #34)

Goya came over this afternoon so we could have a run through with The Men Who Would Be Kings ruleset for colonial wargames. He brought with him everything we needed in a single box, British and Mahdist 20mm armies, Rule book, desert terrain mat, rocks and some really nice palm trees.

As you know, I have a bit of a thing about colonial wargames but I had never played these rules and was keen to see how they worked. We had a fun little game for a couple of hour’s and I think managed about eight turns.

We played on the kitchen table rather than in the cabin as it was a bit chilly outside. The game ran longways up the table, Mahdists nearest the camera, British top right. I love those palm trees. 
Goya did tell me what make these were but I have forgotten - lovely slender castings and superbly painted.
I commanded the Mahdists, these are my cavalry and camelry charging forward (who doesn't like troops riding camels?). Goya painted the flag freehand. 
My infantry start to make an appearance but, to be honest, it was a bit difficult to get them to do what I wanted although I liked the rule mechanism for orders that caused this.
Ouch! This melee ended in a draw.
My forces eventually started to make a bit of progress.
Until they came up against a solid wall of British riflemen. The chaps in red are Minifigs S-Range.
I did have the advantage in artillery however - can you guess what make that gun is? (yes it is plastic)
My poor camels!!!
Well, I was never going to get very far against the soldiers of the Queen was I? 

In other news, work on the fusiliers continues but more on that next time.

Saturday 1 October 2022

Redcoat Fatigue

Goya popped over yesterday for a toy soldier related chat and showed me a couple of really nice British Napoleonic figures he had painted (20mm but not HH). We both agreed that we enjoy painting British Napoleonic’s more than any other nationality as we consider that they have the most striking uniforms, its just something about the red and grey combo that really works.

Pretty in red my latest finished figure - BN/71 Fusilier Sergeant (charging)

Goya reckons he can paint and base a full 24-figure unit in 21 hours which I consider impressive as I think that the same for me would take in excess of 50 hours. However, I know that I do try and avoid the job in hand when there are 24 figures staring back at me from the painting desk by seeking diversion into my other ‘minor’ projects.

Last night following his visit I knuckled down and only painted Fusiliers and achieved more than I had previously done all week. Revitalised, the aim now is to get on and have the unit finished by the end of October and stop messing around painting other things like ACW buildings for my 6mm armies (click HERE) that I don’t even need.