Friday 22 February 2019

Prussian production line

Prussian production is now in full swing and I have completed 11 Silesian musketeers so far. There are quite a few others ranked up on the painting desk in various stages of production. I’m trying to be organised and plan to paint the command figures for all 3 units in batches together for greatest efficiency.

I’ve also decided on a quick re-fit of the Fusilier battalion. To be honest I’ve never been happy with this unit mainly because I made a bit of a mess of the flagpole, so I’ve taken the opportunity to replace this and reposition the bearer’s arms. I’ve also removed the drummer and will replace him with a hornist using a Jager figure (the drummer will be reassigned to one of the musketeer battalions). The whole unit will also get a coat of gloss varnish which I hope will lift them a bit as the black straps against blue make them look quite dark.

From left to right: Soult, Nansouty, Wellington

I was very please to receive a package from Ian J this week that contained some lovely vintage castings of personality figures. Apparently, the figures had been in a loft for 50 years, but they seem to be enjoying the daylight now standing proudly on my desk. I already have examples of all three, but I can easily accommodate them in my armies with a name change, except possibly Wellington but then again two Dukes would surely confound the French.

Friday 15 February 2019

First Prussian Musketeer

I’ve completed a test figure for the first of my Prussian line units PN.3 Private (charging). This unit will have the yellow collar and cuffs of a Silesian Regiment as per the Hinton Hunt painting instruction sheet.

I know this figure well as I prepared and painted around 60 of them in the early 70s. Back then it took me almost as long to remove the flash metal (with one blunt file) as it did to paint them with my limited palette of Humbrol enamels and rather basic paint brushes.

My plan is to churn out three units in this charging pose, each with a different colour of facings. Once done this will complete the infantry element of my Prussian Army.

Saturday 9 February 2019

Prussian General Mark 2

I’m very pleased with the way this figure turned out. It’s a conversion of PN64 Prussian General (mounted) looking through spy-glass but as the observant among you will have noted his telescope has been removed and arm re-positioned. During this process I inevitably cut off the peak to his cap and his nose and these had to be reconstructed with Magic Sculp.

I have decided he will represent Colonel Von Hiller who commanded the 16th Brigade at Waterloo. This Brigade included the 1st and 2nd Silesian Landwehr Regiments (which I now have in my OOB) and took part in the fighting at Plancenoit. I found this on 16th Brigade:

Hiller’s 16th Brigade formed line and the six battalions marched directly on Plancenoit, determined to oust the French defenders; with the 14th Brigade moving up in their rear to form a reserve. The Prussian assault was initially successful, pushing the French defenders back, as far as the open space around the church which sat on a small hillock and was surrounded by a defensive wall. Here they met a furious resistance and the advance was halted.

Just shows what you can do with 2 units of Silesian Landwehr.

Monday 4 February 2019

Where’s my frozen yoghurt?

We were in London over the weekend for some R&R. Finding myself in Camden Passage on Sunday I couldn’t resist nipping along to take another look at the old Hinton Hunt shop.

The last time I was there in 2011 (click here) it was a frozen yoghurt shop but now it’s something rather different.