Sunday 7 September 2014

French Artillery

I never did get around to posting a picture of my last completed French artillery battery before they had to be rushed into action at the battle of The Great Redoubt. To make up for this I decided to hold a review of the entire French artillery arm overseen by Marshal Lannes.

The full Grand Battery deployed ready for action.

The Guard artillery - foot and horse.

The gun on the left is by Newline Designs, the one on the right is Hinton Hunt.

The two line batteries side by side.

This completes (yes I did say ‘completes’) the French artillery for my Hinton Hunt forces.

Friday 5 September 2014

WIP – Fusilier Command

I’m tantalisingly close to finishing the West Prussian fusilier battalion and only have to complete the command figures now and the whole 24-figure unit will be ready for varnishing and basing.

The flag-bearer figure is a conversion of PN.5 Private in an advancing position with separate musket for customer’s assembly. This is a handy figure to have as it lends itself well to conversions, there were similar figures produced for the French and British Hinton Hunt ranges.

I used this same figure pose to make flag-bearers for my old 1970s army but back then I had very limited modelling materials and know how. I used a straightened paper clip for the flagstaff with a hand painted paper flag sporting a Maltese cross (I had no references for proper Prussian flags!). This was in the days before Super Glue so I stuck the flagstaff to the figure using Bostick with the result that the flags were continually coming adrift.

This updated version has a flagstaff that is firmly attached with green stuff and super glue. It’s a bit over sized (but that was a common feature of 60s and 70s wargame armies) and will be receiving a Revo flag once the figure has been varnished.