Sunday, 7 September 2014

French Artillery

I never did get around to posting a picture of my last completed French artillery battery before they had to be rushed into action at the battle of The Great Redoubt. To make up for this I decided to hold a review of the entire French artillery arm overseen by Marshal Lannes.

The full Grand Battery deployed ready for action.

The Guard artillery - foot and horse.

The gun on the left is by Newline Designs, the one on the right is Hinton Hunt.

The two line batteries side by side.

This completes (yes I did say ‘completes’) the French artillery for my Hinton Hunt forces.


Rafael Pardo said...

I like the Old Guard gunners and their laaaaaarge bearskins!

Anonymous said...

Always good to see French artillery en masse


Stryker said...

Rafa - yes it's hard to believe that they wore those bearskins in action!

Paul - always good unless you are the Allied player!

lewisgunner said...

Exactly what I was thinking. Old guard soldiers had a bonnet de police soft cap strapped under the cartridge pouch so I wonder if they wore that in action. They presumably dumped the packs and muskets too!

They look superb on parade and terrifying to face.

Phil said...

Nice uniforms and great work!

James Fisher, FINS said...

Wnderful Ian!

lewisgunner said...

Interesting site here

Stryker said...

Roy - interesting link.