Friday 19 May 2023

1st legere

Gentleman (and others) I give you the 1st legere.

For the record the figures I have used are:

1 x FN/1 Officer (charging)
1 x FN/4 Colour Bearer (charging)
20 x FN/5 Fusilier (charging)
1 x FN/6 Drummer (charging)
1 x FN/8 Officer (marching)

Despite the name they have been based as regular close-order infantry.

All the figures are very nice first-generation castings previously in the collection of Neville Dickinson, repainted by me.

Battle of Warve – I was fortunate enough to play in Norm’s (Battlefield & Warriors blog) recent Warve PBEM game. The game had ten players and was superbly run by Norm. I took part as GdD Habert, 10th French Infantry Division, you can follow my exploits on his very detailed AAR - you'll need a cup of coffee and in my case sedatives...

Friday 5 May 2023

Light Infantry Progress

This is a quick update to prove that work on my French Light Infantry unit continues. I have completed all the rank and file and started on the four remaining command figures.

The unit will represent the 1st Light Infantry who as part of 6th Division, II Corps, took part in the attacks on Hougoumont at Waterloo. It was Sous-Lieutenant Legros of this regiment who, seizing an axe from one of the pioneers, smashed his way through the north gate into the courtyard. Not that it ended well for him.