Sunday 20 April 2014

Garde Imperiale

Finished at last – the 2nd Regiment de Grenadiers-a-Pied de la Garde Imperiale.

Deployed in line - a splendid sight!

 In case you forgot - click here to see how they used to look.

This unit is made up of 20 x FN/23 Grenadier (firing), 1 x FN/27 Officer (marching), 1 x FN/28 Grenadier Sergeant (marching) – all vintage Hinton Hunt figures. It turns out that the standard bearer and drummer are from US maker The Replacement Depot a contemporary of Hinton Hunt who appear to have borrowed quite heavily from Marcus Hinton’s work.

Just to prove that I don't just paint the fronts!

 The Emperor leads the Guard forward.

A very welcome (if slightly overdue) addition to the French order of battle. There are rumours that the Emperor may soon be taking the entire Grand Armee eastwards...

Thursday 10 April 2014

Guest Appearance #3

This week Paul sent me some pictures of his rather superb looking Hinton Hunt Scots Greys. He started painting them 30 years ago and with the 200th anniversary of Waterloo approaching has been inspired to finish them off. This should give hope to all of us tardy painters!

What a stiring sight - a full regiment of Scots Greys troopers charging. They are all Hinton Hunt castings except for the chap nearest the camera who is by US maker Der Kreigspieler (what a happy coincidence that they made a figure that fits in so well).

 "Scotland forever!"

Lovely brushwork Paul (and some nifty conversions too) – we look forward to seeing more.

If any other readers of this blog want to send pictures of their collections please feel free to do so and I will endeavour to post them (you can contact me via the email address in my profile).