Thursday 17 June 2021

Horse Grenadier Trumpeter

This is my trumpeter conversion for the Horse Grenadiers of the Guard. The horses’ legs have again been modified to provide greater height and the trumpet has been added in my usual way.

The figure is DK 46/1 Guard Grenadier-a Cheval which of course is pretty much a straight copy of Hinton Hunt FN/56 Horse Grenadier of the Guard (mounted) charging.

Friday 11 June 2021

Horse Grenadiers – update

Now the dust has settled on the recent campaign and the soldiers are back in their ‘Really Useful’ cantonments, it’s time to return to the expansion of the Imperial Guard cavalry. I have painted five of my modified DK Horse Grenadiers and just need to finish them off with a trumpeter.

I’m pleased with these, and I think it was worth the effort to increase their height, I also think that the replacement swords make them look more menacing and guardsman-ish. I’m pretty sure they will blend in well when based up next to the two-piece castings.