Sunday 30 September 2012

Command Poles

I did say in my last post we’d have to see how I could do in speeding up my Pole painting; well the answer is “not very well”. I have completely finished the command group for the regiment however and they look quite smart except for some of the officer’s buttons, which are a bit blobby.

The picture shows the completed Poles so far, from left to right in the front rank are: WN.10 Officer charging then another WN.10 converted to a standard bearer, then WN.13 Fusilier charging converted to a drummer. In the rear ranks are the men of the Voltigeur Company. The grenadiers are well underway on the painting desk so I guess I can honestly say that the unit is more than halfway to being completed.

The Poles have posed for a quick picture on the tabletop in the garage where I am currently engaged in a 15mm American War of Independence game with my brother. For more on that follow the link here Brother Against Brother.

Saturday 15 September 2012

Flag Pole Finished

I’ve just finished off my Polish standard bearer by adding a Revo paper flag. I like to use the Revo flags where Hinton Hunt cast-on ones are not available because they fit in nicely with the retro theme of this project. The flag sheet I have does actually have a flag for the 8th Polish Regiment but it looked a bit small to me so I used this one instead.

If you remember, this figure is converted from WN.10 Officer charging – I have also finished the other officer and drummer that complete the regimental command group and am now working on the Grenadier company.

I’ve enjoyed converting and painting this figure but I really do need to get back into production mode and get the whole regiment finished off. The painting table is now clear of all other bits and pieces so let’s see what I can do.