Sunday, 6 March 2016

Guest Appearance #6

Michael sent me these photos of some of his French and British Hinton Hunt forces. Click the images to zoom in for a good look.

Now this really is a big battalion - I think it's 48 figures - there are grenadiers and voltigeurs on the flanks.

Some seriously impressive buttons on the fusiliers and the flag is brilliant - I've painted a few of those and it's no easy task to pick out the lettering like that.

A wonderfully animated Ponsonby next to a one-piece British general.

One of my favourite figures - British dragoon at rest. This is a one piece casting and is very difficult to paint to the standard displayed here.

I think you’ll agree that’s some pretty stunning brush work there from Michael.


Conrad Kinch said...

That certainly is an impressive array. I must admit as I get older, I find myself painting less detail, but that flag is prime.

MSFoy said...

Lovely - really very nice indeed. My compliments to Michael (and yourself, of course). Once again i am reminded how much I like the OPC HH cavalry castings.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Gorgeous figures! The dragoons and terrific, but my personal favorite is the hug French battalion. Thanks for sharing these.

Best Regards,


Wellington Man said...

Wow! What a beautiful collection, and great to see the big battalions!

lewisgunner said...

Big battalions need big tables! Michael must have some impressive pkaying area.

The one puece castings were HHs first production and were, I think, ACW because Hinton was a member of the Confederate High Command or some such reenactment society. So the ACW got only the two standing cavalry, same position as Michael's dragoon. Eventually we got animated OPCs, which really are very good, they carry a real sense of movement. However, the arrival of the separate riders made it much easier to create officers, trumpeters etc. because one could pick and mix to get appropriate horse furniture.
The one puces have it on action though, as the Cuirassiers, in particular captured the inagination, motivating the player to declare a charge.

lewisgunner said...

Love the horse colour too!