Monday, 1 August 2022

The Battle of the Admin Error (Part 2)


Matt gets off to a solid start by advancing his infantry right up to the church. It looks as if those VP's will be in the bag by turn 2.
The Inniskillings trot forward supported by the Blues. There appears to be nothing to oppose them except some low-grade Austrian Dragoons in the distance.

Meanwhile my Prussian infantry are making a determined push for the Windmill. However Tony seems to be wanting to stop them with his Guard Lancers.

The 49th Hertfordshires are forced into square by the sudden appearance of French Lancers. No worries, the British cavalry will soon sort this lot out.

During our pre-game conference I assured Matt that Nigel wouldn't do anything too aggressive, so I was somewhat surprised to see him pushing the Young Guard forward by the church.

And he was coming up on the flank too - what had got into him today?

The A rated Inniskillings cross sabres with the B rated Toskana Dragoons. Hold on, due to the admin error Nigel gleefully pointed out that they were A+ rated today! Matt's troopers became disordered but the Blues were behind them so we weren't worried at all.

Tony was steadily bringing his infantry up towards the windmill. My men were in firm control of the VP site by now.

My horse artillery charged forward, unlimbered and fired at half effect - then this happened. This wasn't quite how I had expected this manoeuvre to develop.

Now Nigel appeared to be putting the Young Guard in reverse - was the Duke of York commanding them today?

The Blues join in the melee with the Toskanas while the Inniskillings leg-it following a second lost round of fighting.

In frustration Matt throws the Light Dragoons against a solid Austrian square with predictable results.

Meanwhile Tony has routed the Brandenburg Musketeers and is now taking on my Uhlans.

While the fight for the Windmill turns nasty.

Yes, Nigel is back where he started!

The Guard take a nap as the battle rages in front of them. None of these gentlemen seem to be even slightly ruffled.

Nigel sees off the Light Dragoons and consolidates his position on the hill.

While the Toskanas rout the Blues

To be continued...


Tiberian general said...

Lovely selection of fantastic nostalgic Napoleonic eye candy.


Stryker said...

Thanks, glad you like them!

Rob said...

I am intrigued to find out just what the Guard are up to – is it a cunning plan or just incompetence? If you call the mistake a clerical, rather than admin, error it translates nicely into German to give you the Battle of Schreibfehler.

Stryker said...

Rob, that does sound like a more Napoleonic name for the battle. Matt and I were also intrigued to find out what the Guard were up to and sadly we never really did find out!

the Archduke said...

Who needs the Garde when they have Austrian dragoons? Admin error or no, it was just a joy to play in this superb game with such excellent company.

Stryker said...

Nigel, thank goodness I chose to leave the Austrian Cuirassiers out of the OOB or we wouldn’t have stood a chance!

Wellington Man said...

Were you using a rubber church? Watching the guard bounce back like that was just extraordinary. Either that or they've been very very naughty indeed and have been excommunicated.

Whatver the case, your photos of your lovely troops are simply stunning, Ian
Best regards

Stryker said...

WM, its always an education watching Nigel manoeuvre on the table!

David said...

Spectacular battle report! So much happening by turn two. There is a lesson in that for me I think. My big battalions are wonderful, but seem ponderous in comparison. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the battle develop, but the writing may already be on the wall...