Sunday, 7 August 2022

Battle of the Admin Error (Conclusion)


This is the state of play approximately halfway through the game. I must say that at this point things weren't going too well for Matt and I.
What? Surely not another Allied cavalry unit broken!

Doh! Tony's Carabiniers have broken my Cuirassiers. There's something wrong with our bloody cavalry today!

The destruction of so many of our cavalry units has forced Matt to put most of his infantry in square. Luckily though the Toskanas appear to have ridden right past the Duke without seeing him.

My last cavalry unit still in good order - the Silesian Hussars - galloping to the left to see off Tony's troopers.

The West Prussian Fusiliers stood under a tremendous cannonade all day but at least these lads didn't break.

Matt hangs grimly on at the church - night or the Prussians must come (hang on aren't they here already?).

The now rallied Inniskillings face off against the Toskana Dragoons. Both sides are disordered and cannot charge for the moment.

Yes, you guessed it - the Silesian Hussars have just lost another cavalry melee and worse still BLUCHER is down!

Nigel throws his infantry against Matt's line but they have become disordered in the process. However his troops have secured the VP location.

Our last cavalry reserve - the Greys - are on the move.

For once the newbies have had an easy battle. In this their first fight the 25th ligne have been mere observers.

The Guard Lancers deliver the coup-de-grace to my Hussars.

More formation dancing from the Young Guard.

Finally the Toskana Dragoons are seen off by the Greys. But it's too little too late as it's the end of turn 8 and the final VP score is 32 to the French and 26 to the Allies.

So ended another highly enjoyable day of playing soldiers although I did feel a bit sorry for Matt being on the receiving end of some uncharacteristically aggressive actions by Nigel. Clearly there was something terribly wrong with the Allied cavalry (not just the effect of the unfortunate Toskana admin error) and I would say that throughout Matt and I both had some shocking die rolls. However, the game did look pretty which is something and it’s always nice to see the Imperial Guard loafing about and to watch in awe as Nigel manoeuvres his troops.

Thanks to Tony, Matt and Nigel for coming along and indulging me once again in the Hinton Hut.


Rob said...

To win without employing teh Guard - that is most creditable. Beats me why people ever bother getting them out the box.

Stryker said...

Worse than that they didn't even use the Young Guard! The thing is they do look pretty though.

Wellington Man said...

What an abolutely cracking spectacle!
My congratulations all round, and to Nigel and Tony in particular. Chin uo, not all your cavalry seem to have been duffers. It looks very much as if your Prussian dragoons got the better of those French cuirassiers!

Best regads


Matt said...

An unforgettable time I will bring my own dice (and rabbits foot, wishbone, four leaf clover, horseshoe, picked up penny etc etc.)

MSFoy said...

The history is fading into my usual blur now, but I thought it might be worth explaining that there WAS a plan for the Old Guard. Since we (Mack and I) felt that the Prussians facing me were a little disadvantaged, the idea was that my heavy cavalry and lancers might cancel out the Prussian cavalry, and, if the Prussian artillery took a while to develop, and we avoided their guard grenadiers, the Old Guard might not be required on our right, and thus could be sent to support Mack on our left.

We had a deep dread of the Scots Greys across the table... those grey horses are terrifying.

In fact, as it worked out, the Old Guard weren't needed, so spent the day polishing their kit for the victory parade. Immortals.

David said...

Sneaky not to risk losing the VP by just keeping the guard in reserve. Good to see that the Scots Greys provided a bright spot for the allied cavalry in the face of the admin error! I have yet to field any A+ units, but I can imagine the destruction they could wreak. Lovely to see all of these units in action.

Jeffers said...

Magnificent! Sums it all up, really.

Stryker said...

WM - Yes I think they did briefly before becoming disordered!

Stryker said...

Matt - no worries next time I just won't invite Tony and Nigel!

Stryker said...

Tony - it sounds as if your plan was to "match them with our Lancers!"

Stryker said...

Thanks David - A+ is the way to go!

Stryker said...

Thanks Jeffers!

Mark Dudley said...

Excellent game played in good company. What could be better.

Stryker said...

Very true Mark - it’s what the social side of wargaming is all about!

Aly Morrison said...

Marvellous stuff indeed… it’s always a joy and an inspiration to see all those lovely toys out on the table…win or lose… or in my case lose or lose…

All the best. Aly

James Fisher said...

Marvellous looking game with action a plenty!
Regards, James