Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Ligny for Muskets & Marshals

I’ve knocked up a scenario for our next game based on the battle of Ligny so I can put all those Prussians to good use. Initial deployment will be as per the map opposite - The game starts at 4.00pm (16 June 1815) and lasts for 8 half-hour turns. The French are already in possession of St Amand while the Prussians hold Ligny and St Amand-La-Haye. The table is 6’x 4’ and the terrain is a simplified representation of the real battlefield (I have removed the Ligny brook as this is difficult to represent accurately using my terrain tiles and wasn’t much of an obstacle in the real battle anyway).

Order of Battle

7 x Line Infantry (B)
2 x Legere (A)
1 x Voltigeurs (deployed as skirmishers)
1 x Guard Marins (A)
1 x Young Guard (A)
1 x Old Guard (A+)
3 x FA Battery
1 x Light Cavalry (B)
1 x Cuirassier (A)

5 x Line Infantry (B)
3 x Landwehr (C)
1 x Jager (deployed as skirmishers)
1 x Fusiliers (A)
1 x Guard Grenadier (A)
2 x FA Battery
1 x Light Cavalry (B)
1 x Dragoons (B)

Victory conditions

French decisive victory – if they hold St Amand, St Amand-La-Haye and Ligny at the end of turn 8 Prussian decisive victory – if they hold any 2 of the BUA’s at the end of turn 8

Marginal victory – count VP’s at the end of play as follows:
1 VP for each enemy infantry or cavalry unit removed from play or routing
St Amand-La-Haye – 3VP’s to either side
Ligny – 3VP’s to either side
St Amand – 5VP’s to the Prussians


Roll 1 D6 per
unit at the start of each turn (from turn 3 onwards) – 4,5 or 6 unit released from the reserve. Units can either advance from their current locations or move laterally to any place on the table base line.

French – Old Guard, Young Guard, Marins, Cuirassier
Prussian – Guard Grenadier, Silesian Musketeers, Dragoons

Rule Modifications

Turn 1 – initial turn of firing only.
To make BUA’s a bit easier to take the following modifications will be made
Firing – treat buildings as Soft Cover
Melee – no additions for defending buildings however attackers do not get charge bonus


Rob said...

That looks quite an ambitious set up - how long do you reckon it'll take to play, let alone how long it will take to write up. I am looking forward to seeing how it went.

Stryker said...

Rob - I'm hoping we can finish the game in about 4-5 hours but that depends on how much we chat!

Wellington Man said...

I can't wait to see this!
Will the Silesian Hussars be gracing the table?

Stryker said...

WM - there is a slim chance they may make it!

Ross Mac rmacfa@gmail.com said...

Looks like a tough job for the Prussians! Fewer troops, of lower quality and they appear to need to not lose anything for a win. Of course taking everything for the French will probably also be hard.

Should be an interesting game.

Stryker said...

Ross, I agree it will be hard for the Prussians but not impossible I hope as I'll be playing them!

David said...

This looks to be a grand battle indeed! Can't wait to read about it. Will this conflict be taking place in the new shed? Seems a suitable inauguration of the space!

Stryker said...

David, the sheds not quite ready yet as I'm still fitting the insulation! Hopefully it'll be up and running for the next one.

'Lee. said...

Looks good Ian, should be quite a spectacle. Can you show us round the inside of the shed once it's ready please :)

Stryker said...

Lee, yes I'll do a shed tour but that's still a few weeks away!

Matt said...

The Silesians will be unstoppable if they stay true to form!

Stryker said...

I hope so Matt!