Sunday, 29 December 2013

Early War French

Here are some more of the David Clayton produced figures that I recently received from John in the US. These are all figures that were originally included in bag BB09 French Line Infantry 1798-1806 and listed in the Hinton Hunt catalogue as "French fusiliers in bicornes worn 'fore and aft', coat, breeches and gaiters."

FN/271 Officer (charging)

FN/274 Private (charging)

FN/275 Private (firing)

FN/277 Private (marching)
I liked this one so much I just had to paint him!

I’d never seen any of the figures in this range before these lads arrived in the post. I have enough of them now to put together a mixed figure unit for the young general Bonaparte to command.


lewisgunner said...

Some units continued with their bicornes into 1809 or even later so these guys can be mixed in. I think the imperial old guard grenadiers and chasseurs may well have worn them instead of the heavy bearskin on occasion.

Stryker said...

Roy - that's a good idea to mix them with the shako types. My French forces seem to be slowly growing so we must get together again in the spring!

lewisgunner said...

My Russkies march after the snowmelt then!

Stryker said...

Ok then - after the snow melts and I've finished the Imperial Guard grenadiers...

Rafael Pardo said...

Happy New Year 2014 for you and yours!

Stryker said...

Cheers Rafa!