Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Slippery Pole

Paul left a comment on my last post saying that the conversion bug was the road to insanity – I think he may be right. This evening I have broken out the green stuff once again and finished off my Polish standard bearer.

You may remember that he needed a new hand but I’ve also added a topping to the flagpole. Not quite sure how I managed it but I seem to have crafted quite a decent looking eagle even if I do say so myself. 

Who knows where all this will end?


Anonymous said...

That is a seriously good eagle! Most impressed!

Paulalba said...

Hi Ian, nice work, you now have a mighty fine Polish flag man limited to 1 in the world, Brilliant!!!

Stryker said...

Thanks for that lads - praise indeed coming from you two!


'Lee. said...

Great work Ian, always nice to have that unique figure or two.


tidders2 said...

great work on the eagle

-- Allan

Ken said...

Fiddly work that one!

Mind you for the first time I converted some flagbearers myself. I drilled holes and inserted brass spears.

lewisgunner said...

Seriously good Eagle... Very nice work. I look forward to hanging that in the cathedral in Moscow.