Friday, 6 July 2012

Polish Voltigeur

The first of my Polish Voltigeur figures is completed at last. I’ve enjoyed painting this one, in part because it’s an excellent little model, but also because I’ve been able to explore my feminine side by finally getting to use my Foundry Shadow Pink.

I seem to be in possession of a ridiculous number of pots of Foundry paint many of which remain unopened - will I ever get to use Nipple Pink or Royal Purple? The situation is not helped by the fact that I don’t use the three-shade system when painting the Hinton Hunts, I only block paint with a single shade. However, I do get almost as much pleasure from lining up my paint pots as I do from lining up the toy soldiers, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

The remaining five figures that make up the Voltigeur Company of the 8th Regiment are almost finished as well. This is good because there are ominous rumours that a large Hinton Hunt Russian force is gathering on the east banks of the Rhine and the Emperor is anxious to have the Grand Armee up to strength.


Conrad Kinch said...

As an inveterate collector of paints, that I might use someday.

Nipple pint?


What were you thinking?

Stryker said...

I'd rather not answer that...

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

NIPPLE paint? Yeah, baby!

Best Regards,


Stryker said...

Oh no, what have I started now?

lewisgunner said...

We Russians will none of that sort of perfumed effeminacy.
If its not running around naked in the snow beating each other with birch twigs we are not interested. Besides your Froggy nipple paint would come off in the sauna.


'Lee. said...

Lovely figure and fine paint job Ian, the unit will look great. As for those unused Foundry shades - I am the same! I invested in a large number of them a good 8 years ago now and many of the 'lights' are only now being opened as they work well on 6mm figures.But I must confess I can't yet find a use for my 'Nipple Pink' either :-)


lewisgunner said...

How do you pint your buttons Ian. I notice that you manage to get them small neat and bright and to avoid the varnish spreading the gold or silver out.
Please share.

Stryker said...

Hi Roy - I have no secret method just a very fine brush! I generally only paint buttons on the officers (I assume it is the Prussian artillery officer you're looking at). Sometimes they come out nicely other times it can be a right pain. I've never had any problems at all using varnish over the Foundry metallics, not like the old days with Humbrol!