Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Flag Pole

Hinton Hunt never produced a standard-bearer figure for their Duchy of Warsaw range so I’m having another stab at a conversion to provide one for the 8th Regiment. I’m fortunate enough to have two officer figures WN.10 Officer charging so one of these has been sacrificed for the greater good of the regiment and had his sword removed to make way for a flagpole.

I feel a little bit guilty about cutting up a vintage figure in this way, especially as very few of the other figures in this unit will be genuine vintage ones. However, I really do like to have a flag with each unit to provide that extra splash of colour on the tabletop.

In due course I will provide him with a green-stuff hand and a suitable topping to the flagpole.


Anonymous said...

Do not feel guilty...there are gaps that need to be filled just as they did back in the day. There is nothing more "authentic" than conversions!

lewisgunner said...

The range was 'designed' to have conversions made to provide standard bearers etc. The old boys that Hinton sold to would set about the figures with knife and soldering iron to provide all the variation they needed. So rather than agonise over it Ian embrace the the possibilities of converting!!

I expect to sees French line drummer with a plumed czapka on this page soon.


Stryker said...

Thanks for that Roy - as it happens, the other day I was eyeing up a French drummer with just that thought in mind!