Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A Flashy A.D.C.

Mrs S finally handed over today’s post to me at 8.15pm (must get her better trained) and there was a package for me from Iain. This was exciting because inside was this very flashy Hinton Hunt British A.D.C – BN/261 A.D.C in cocked hat, holding letter on Horse BNH/4, together with a lovely Minifigs rendition of General Picton.

I like seeing flash metal on my Hinton Hunt castings not just because it confirms that the models are genuine vintage ones (modern copies are much too pristine) but also because it reminds me of the hours I spent in my youth filing away at the misshapen castings supplied direct from Marcus Hinton. Back then I used to hate this chore but now perversely I really enjoy it, perhaps in part because I have a decent set of files and a metal clipper rather than the single blunt file appropriated from my Dad’s tool set.

The British A.D.C figure was one of the ones missing from my collection of General Staff figures and I’m very pleased to have him - I’m thinking that I may paint him up to represent De Lancey. The Duke could certainly do with a reliable Staff Officer after his recent run of bad luck on the battlefield.

The model of General Picton, whilst being outside the scope of this project, is an excellent little figure as well. I’m not sure if this is “S” range or the later range but it is one of the older Minifigs where the rider has the saddle attached to him. This was a clever idea at the time as it meant you had a choice of horses when you ordered (sadly he is currently on foot). The casting must date from before 1972 as I remember ordering ECW cavalry from Minifigs around this time and they were changing to having the saddle with the horse. I would be interested to hear more on this subject if anyone has more precise info - please feel free to leave a comment.

My thanks to Iain for making my day.


Anonymous said...

Has to be De Lancey, no other personality could do justice to this casting! I do not know anything about the Minifigs, S range or otherwise but I must say those Airfix 8th Army are looking really great.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Sadle attached means he is S Range. There was a rather nice Minifigs 20mm Picton too.

paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
Yet another addition to your ever growing HH collection, brilliant and a Brit at that!!!

I think the Picton figure maybe a more recent casting? he has that more slender style and they recent Minifig cavalry have the saddle attached too. I could be wrong though?

Conrad Kinch said...

A very dapper chap!