Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bulow – Take Two

Earlier today I had cause to peruse Clive’s excellent Hinton Hunter Blog when quite by chance I came across the Hinton Hunt painting instructions for the Prussian General I have just completed (click here to see what I mean). Regular readers of this Blog will know that Marcus Hinton produced a typed sheet of painting instructions for each figure he produced – and his research was meticulous.

Now of course I was pretty annoyed with myself for not checking before I painted this one to see if the painting instructions were available, because I got quite a few things wrong. A normal person might have just shrugged and said “so what” it’s painted now, move on - but not me of course. So here’s a picture of him re-touched to conform to the Hinton Hunt guidelines.

In the tradition of those “before and after” pictures they used to have in comics when I was a kid, I thought we could have a little contest. Can you spot five differences between the figure as it appears here and as it appears in the picture in my previous post? Answers on a postcard please, or perhaps just leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Here is my five:

Black cap
Black chinstrap
Red cuffs
Cuffs, collar piped yellow
Brown scabbard.

Excellent little figure!

MSFoy said...

Both versions excellent as ever, sir - I would have assumed he was just wearing the away strip.

Quote from (I think) jazz saxophonist Dexter Gordon - "do I ever play a bum note? - I play them all the time, and I smile and I repeat them, confidently, so everyone will worry about why they don't understand what I'm playing!"

Lovely figure, home or away.

The Old Metal Detector said...

Red cuffs. And no Airfix tommy gunner. That's two.

Paul said...

Hi Ian
I like the one piece figures as well,
though the seperate arm lancers are brilliant, looks like the hat band gold braid on shoulder brass buttons on tunic color on cuffs and saddle cloth & furniture


Stryker said...

Well done chaps - between you you have spotted the whole lot! The worst thing (which you can't really see in the picture) is that I had to change each of the silver buttons on his legs and coat to brass...