Sunday, 25 April 2010

Cabinet reshuffle

I’ve finally got the troops back in the display cabinet and in keeping with the excitement (not) of the forthcoming UK election I have had my very own cabinet reshuffle. When Mrs S gave me the cabinet four years ago I didn’t have very many completed Hinton Hunts to put in it so they were forced to share with a motley collection of 15mm Napoleonic and ACW types. My new rule is that only my HH and DK figures will be displayed and as new units are added they will be given this honour in rotation – a bit like mounting guard at Buckingham Palace.

The cabinet is almost impossible to photograph because of the glare from the acrylic front and the reflection from the mirrored back. Also, any attempt to take a picture from the front results in a lovely reflected picture of me and the camera and not very much of the figures on display. This is about the best I can do and I suppose I could pretend it was a deliberately arty shot with the reflection of the bookshelves superimposed on the back of the cabinet. Anyway I hope it gives the general idea.

All that remains now is to properly unpack the painting gear and get painting Hinton Hunts again. This may well be a little way off as I still have a few outstanding DIY jobs to complete. We’re also supposed to be heading to New York for a few days soon as part of Mrs S’s birthday extravaganza but I’m keeping my eye on that darn volcano.


Rafael Pardo said...

Wooooooooooow.... it seems like a museum!

paulalba said...

Ohh, that's something to be proud of!!! I wish I had me wee men in a cabinet like that!

Lee said...

Wonderful shot! Your collection looks amazing in that cabinet. Title of the post made me laugh, cheers for that :-)


lewisgunner said...

Marvellous. I hope that a strident little voice shouts 'Ten...Hun' every time you pass.

Stryker said...

Thanks for your comments gents! Actually that photo does seem to make the cabinet look bigger than it really is but it's nice to have the soldiers back on parade.


tidders said...

Nice looking cabinet, just right to get a clear display.

-- Allan