Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Some quality geek time

Over the last couple of evenings I have begun the long overdue task of sorting through my Hinton Hunt lead pile. Task is perhaps the wrong word as of course this is unadulterated geeky pleasure. It’s one thing to have the collection neatly listed on a spreadsheet (and of course I do) but quite another to actually sort through the figures for real.

I decided to do this primarily to get the figures ready for packing prior to our move next month but I also thought it was about time that I sorted them out properly into units to help give me more structure to this project. So I’ve been sorting the infantry into companies of 6 figures and bagging and tagging them and have already had a few surprises – some figures incorrectly identified the first time around as Clayton castings turned out to be vintage HH and (sadly) some vintage figures turned out to be copies.

When I started this project I never really expected to have enough figures for a decent wargame but the thing has snowballed and with the assistance of many other helpful and generous HH fans the armies have grown. The one big problem that remains is my lamentably slow rate of painting progress which means it will be years before I finish them all. One thing is sure though, I won’t be adding any more figures to the collection (in fact I haven’t bought any for well over a year now) and by fixing a proper goal I may just see the project all the way through to the end. When I work out what the end is I’ll let you know.


lewisgunner said...

Never say never. Fix the goal but be prepared for some must have item to come along. Build up a little fund so that you don't have to stretch when you see something delightful.
Mind you, given the prices of the last HH sales on Ebay whole units become a bit daunting.


Anonymous said...

Aaah, to relax in the geek world!

If we cannot paint them and base them up in straight lines, we lovingly place the little fellas into labelled polybags and enter them into the "Ubergeek Ledger" (or Excel Spreadsheet-after all we live in the modern world!)for later disposal.

A little bit of perfection in an imperfect world!

Matt "I cut the crusts off my sarnies" Golding!

DC said...

I reckon if you put your HH's on ebay you could probably buy a new house with the proceeds.

I only have a vague idea of how many figures i have awaiting the brush - i refuse to compile an inventory in case i scare myself. I'm sure the current 'lead pile' will outlive me, but there's always room for a few more....8-)

Stryker said...

Ok, so never say never is probably the best way to go and Matt you win the geek of the week contest as I have never cut off my crusts - yet!

DC - you're not the only one to have suggested selling my collection as Mrs S is taking an unhealthy (and previously unexpressed) interest in the tin lads. "How much did that one go for? Er, how many of those do you have then?" I think I managed to throw her off the scent by telling her all my figures are DK...

lewisgunner said...

Worry not, you would flood the market, prices would collapse and you would have neither figures nor money.
\I see some more ordinary stuff is generating only moderate prices.


Sharon said...

How large a new house would the HH purchase?

Very much looking forward to your reply....

Mrs S

Stryker said...

DC - now look what you've done...