Friday, 8 May 2009

Schleswig-Holstein Infantry (Off Topic #11)

I finally finished the Schleswig-Holstein infantry unit and I have to say I am pretty happy with the result. It’s been a nice change to paint some bigger figures (these ones are 28mm) and experiment with shading rather than painting block colours as I do with the Hintons. I also got around my glossy finish problem by applying Testors Dullcote over the varnish, which worked a treat – thanks for the hint Matt.

I’ve already explained that I know virtually nothing about the first Schleswig-Holstein war and my uniform reference book for this conflict is restricted to a single page in my copy of Blandford’s “Military Uniforms of The World”. Luckily Matt kindly sent me some painting notes or I would have been completely stuck. I thought it was actually quite old school to approach a new period in this way with no preconceptions, very like the way I approached wargaming in my youth. In fact I may just leave it that way and not buy any reference books at all.

I was hoping that by allowing myself this little distraction I would be able to focus with full attention on the Hintons for at least the rest of this year but my strategy seems to have backfired on me as I have enjoyed painting these so much. Matt is just about to release some Schleswig-Holstein Jagers and it seems poor tactics to leave my infantry without a skirmisher screen.

For now though I am knuckling down to work on those HH Landwehr – honest!


Anonymous said...

Excellent job! Glad you found the Testor's worked (smells though doesnt it?!).



MSFoy said...

Hi Ian

This note is triggered by mention of matt varnish. Like everyone else, I have agonised about why my efforts with matt varnish finished up shiny. Despite my pretence that figures should really be a bit shiny, I have always known that I was bluffing.

Fuel was added to the fire lately by a couple of pro painters I use clearly having the same problem.

I have cracked it. I offer this in the same spirit of artisan comradeship that must have prompted your recent note on stripping with bleach.

1 - buy a bottle of Winsor & Newton Galeria matt varnish from your local artists' supplier. 3 quid for a nice big 75ml bottle.

2 - shake the bottle for at least 30 secs - this is important, and this is where most applications of acrylic matt varnish go wrong - if you don't shake it, no amount of swearing after the event will make it matt.

3 - pour into a plastic eggcup (or similar neolithic pot) and flop on with a big soft brush.

4 - no problem - the end.

I think that the secret is the shaking rather than the product, to be honest. The only advantage of the W&N varnish is that the bottle is big enough to use it in decent amounts. Fiddling round with these stupid little bottles from GW and suchlike is hardly a decent activity for old men!

Once again, lovely pictures - thanks for your efforts - the blog is a treasure.


rpardo said...

hey... that flag?

Stryker said...

I just copied the flag Matt used on his blog/website as again I have no idea. I guess it is basically German?


Stokes Schwartz said...


Great looking figures! What's next?

Best Regards,


rpardo said...

Yeah, that's the current german flag.. I don't know if it was in use during XIX century... But is a nice unit!

lewisgunner said...

Warflags has these for Schleswig H But also sounds a caveat.