Friday, 15 February 2008

Berry Head

Now what has this got to do with Hinton Hunt Figures? Well, strictly speaking nothing. It’s more to do with history and the Napoleonic Wars in particular. Most days we take our dogs to Berry Head where they scamper about in and out of the ruins of the Napoleonic Fort and bark in an unruly manner at tourists.

On a really wet and windy day it’s not hard to imagine being a poor sentry stuck outside in the teeth of a howling gale scanning the horizon for a sight of Boney’s invasion fleet. The fascinating thing is though that eventually the soldiers manning the fort did get to lay eyes upon the Emperor although not as a conqueror but as a prisoner.

In 1815 Napoleon was brought to Tor Bay aboard HMS Bellerophon which anchored off Berry Head. The Emperor was convinced that the British were going to let him come ashore and live out his days on a country estate. He must have been pretty peeved when he sailed instead to St Helena.

Well, I find it all thought provoking but the dogs just treat the place like a park…

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