Friday, 14 January 2022

The Battle of Wagram – The Game

The French steamroller gets moving and it looks like nothing can stand in its way.
While my guns concentrated their fire on the Russian battery with some encouraging first results.
However, Rob responded with an ominous looking cavalry movement against my left flank which I countered by ordering forward the DK heavies.

Lasalle with the 6th Chasseurs awaits developments on my other flank.

As my columns near the enemy firing line they start to take casualties from musketry and canister.

Back on the left the Austrian hussars hurl themselves at my DK heavies and it's not a good result for the French.

The Austrian canister proved too much for the 24th ligne who break and rout (denoted by the red counter).

The situation at the end of Turn 4. The white arrows show the direction of travel of routing units.

In the centre the French columns still push on although the 85th ligne (to the left) have had to stop and form square to protect the flank from the enemy horsemen. Sadly, after a crucial intervention to prevent the 85th from becoming disordered, Marshal Massena was knocked from the saddle by a stray musket ball.

The Russian battery has been silenced however the Austrian gunners have just despatched my Combined Grenadiers with yet more canister.

The 45th ligne take some revenge by charging and routing the Swedish Abo (should that be Abba?) Regiment - looks like they've met their Waterloo!

However, apart from this local success things are not looking too brilliant for the French in the centre.

And not in the rear either as the Sommariva Cuirassiers ride down the routing 24th ligne and capture their eagle.

At this stage only the 45th and 85th ligne remain in the fight for the French.

Having routed the Abo's the 45th wheel right and finally overrun the Austrian battery. Meanwhile the Toscana Dragoons are moving over to support the allied infantry line.

The 85th ligne and the Swedish Kajana Regiment face off at Wagram.

While those darned Cuirassiers roll up the 105th and add another eagle to their collection.

To round things off nicely the Austrian hussars rout the 6th Chasseurs.

One rare bright spot for the French as the 85th take Wagram.

The situation at the end of play - Turn 8.

The 45th ligne have had enough now.

General Mack reflects upon a good day at the office.

The Russian Moscow Grenadiers stand firm and wave goodbye to the French.

This final Austrian bulletin says it all. 

The final battle VP score was 20 to 14 in favour of the allies which on the face of it might not seem too terrible however, the French force had 4 units eliminated which has all but destroyed the army north of the Danube. With only two campaign turns left to play and a 15 to 5 campaign score to Rob, it was impossible for Napoleon to bring the allies to battle and amass enough VPs to reverse his fortunes. Climbing into his royal carriage the emperor has left post-haste for Paris and instructed his forces to leave Austria - for now!

This was a highly enjoyable campaign and Rob employed a clever strategy to win by being prepared to give up Vienna and use the Danube as an impregnable defence line. His spoiler attack at Zwettl was also a smart move as it forced me to make retrograde moves to protect my supply base at Linz. For my part, I became a bit too obsessed with my ‘brilliant’ flank march through the Semmering Pass as there never really was anything to out flank as Rob’s forces were nowhere near! By the time Napoleon and the Guard were in place the Prussians had already blocked all the crossings of the Danube east of Vienna rendering my move useless.

Well done to Rob, the campaign is over, but the war goes on…


Rob said...

Hugely fun - campaigns trump one-off battles every time and for battles I like just coming up with a scheme of manoeuvre for my army and letting it play out - I think it also helps to not roll the dice in person, which probably was what did for Ian!

Stryker said...

Rob, next time I'll get someone else to roll my dice!

Jeffers said...

Never mind - there’s always Russia. That should be a walkover… 😂.

Matt said...

Not a too bad performance from the French B team. The campaign certainly throws up some unexpected/unequal encounters.

Well done to you both on a thoroughly entertaining series of encounters.

Stryker said...

Jeffers, not sure about that but fortunately I don’t have enough Russian troops!

Norm said...

Thank you, hugely enjoyed.

The Archduke. said...

Thank you, Ian, for brightening my weekend in so many ways. All my favourite units triumphing, including the 85me. Now, if Massena had been in his carriage on the field, as in 1809, it could all have been so different... Congratulations both. This is real entertainment.

Stryker said...

Thanks Norm, glad to oblige!

Stryker said...

Nigel, the 85th do seem to play a prominent role in things these days - glad you enjoyed it!

Rob Young said...

Impressive game. Everyone has to lose sometime - even Napoleon.

Stryker said...

Matt, if only I’d known I would have spent more time painting up the B Team and not the Guard!

Stryker said...

Thanks Rob, I’ll pass that on to the emperor!

Wellington Man said...

You may have lost the battle, but it was a vintage triumph for your wonderful collection all the same. The whole campaign has been hugely entertaining!
Best regards

David said...

A bang-up report on a cracking game with a smashing victory! Mind you, only British lines should be allowed to give that kind of a shellacking to French Columns! :) I have really enjoyed the campaign. Thanks to you both for the marvelous distraction and visual treat that were these games.



Stryker said...

Thanks WM!

Stryker said...

David, it was more a case of Austrian canister than Swedish musketry but glad you enjoyed the show!

James Fisher said...

Always a viewing pleasure when you get the Hintons out for a rumble. This one no exception.
Regards, James

Stryker said...

Thanks James!

Sir Able Brush said...

Love the casualty tip over thingy. Absolute Old School. I have some Hinton's somewhere.

Stryker said...

Thank you Sir Able, glad you're enjoying the blog.