Friday, 26 November 2021

The Battle of Zwettl – Scenario

We have our first action of the campaign in the hills north of the Danube near the town of Zwettl. An Austro-Brunswick force has stumbled into the column of Prince Poniatowski and Eugene as they advance eastwards. In panic, General Gyulay and the Duke of Brunswick throw together an ill-conceived plan to attack the French rather than withdraw or surrender.

More fake news cranked out by the Vienna Ministry of Information.
As we are using concealed movement I'm afraid this map of the general area can tell you very little other than some of my forces north of the Danube are marching east. If you want to know more of the 'big picture' from the French side you can always email me (I can forward similar requests regarding the Allies to Rob).

French OOB

4th Swiss B
8th Poles B
Nassau Grenadiers B
1 x Foot Battery

Converged Voltigeurs A
9th Legere A

Allied OOB

Duke of Brunswick
Leib-Battalion B
Brunswick Hussars B
1 x Foot Battery

51st Gabriel Spleny B
Toscana Dragoons A
Combined Hussars B
1 x Foot Battery
6 x Jagers

The initial deployment of both armies. As you can see this is very hilly terrain with lots of blocked line-of-sight.
The view from the French side of the table showing the situation at the start of play.

This will be an interesting fight with such an imbalance of infantry and cavalry between the two forces. The French have a slight edge being closer to the VP locations than the Allies, but this will be offset by the superior mobility of the Austro-Brunswick force.


Rob said...

I think the phrase 'To Lie Like a Bulletin' has been trumped by 'To Lie Like a Blog'. Stumbled into a French column indeed!
However, if anyone has a taste for the truth and wants to see the Austrian history of the campaign please do get in touch with Stryker as suggested.

Matt said...

C'est magnifique mais c'est pas la guerre?

Stryker said...

Rob, yes please - send me an update with all your current force locations!

Stryker said...

Matt, not yet but soon!

Rob said...

Look behind you....

Jeffers said...

Advance to Lone Tree Hill…errr….

Stryker said...

Sounds like a plan but for which side?

Jeffers said...

The British, he says diplomatically… Actually, this reminds me of a Tabletop Teaser that we should all have a crack at!

Wellington Man said...

Advance to the foot of the

the Archduke said...

Those allies are black and white like a Bruce Quarrie photo. The Frenchies won’t stand against the Deaths Heads......

Stryker said...

Nigel, I have an awful feeling you may be right!

David said...

Oh what a tease you are to lay out the battle like this. I do think the superiority of the Austro-Prussians in Artillery and light troops will pave the way for the cavalry and win the day, but let us not discount the brilliance of the French Commander or the elan of the French Legere...

Stryker said...

David, as I now know the result I can safely say that you have a greater grasp of tactics than I have!