Sunday 2 December 2018

Plancenoit revisited

Tony and Goya have agreed to humour me and play Plancenoit again but this time using my Muskets&Marshals rules. This will be on a smaller scale than our last attempt playing C&CN but I hope it will be just as challenging for the players (I’ll be umpiring).

For a bit of added interest, I’m going to try to post live updates of the game to my Instagram account . The game will be next Sunday 9th December hopefully kicking off around 11.00am - you’ll need to follow me on Instagram at hhfigures to see the posts. A full after action report will of course be posted here as well (eventually).

Order of Battle

French OOB
2 x Line Infantry (B)
1 x Legere (A)
1 x Voltigeurs (deployed as skirmishers)
1 x Marins (A)
1 x Young Guard (A)
1 x Old Guard (A+)
1 x FA battery
1 x Light Cavalry (A)

Prussian OOB
2 x Landwher (C)
3 x Line (B)
1 x Fusiliers (A)
1 x Jager (deployed as skirmishers)
1 x Grenadiers (A)
2 x FA battery
1 x Uhlans (B)
1 x Dragoons (B)

Victory Conditions

Troops begin the game deployed as per the map. The game lasts for 8 turns, at the end of turn 8 VP’s are calculated as follows:

2 VP for possession of the church
1 VP for possession of each of the other buildings
1 VP for each enemy infantry or cavalry unit removed from play or currently routing
1 VP for each non-disordered Prussian infantry unit in the area within the red box marked on the map.

Special Rules

The Old Guard cannot move until turn 3

Buildings – each building can hold one infantry unit. Each building has its own separate MDF base projecting from the side of the structure by 25mm enabling the placing of a single rank of figures around the perimeter. During the movement phase the defender will be allowed to move any of his troops around the perimeter to meet a threat with no penalty to firing. Normal firing rules will apply


Rob said...

On tenterhooks now!

Stryker said...

Great Rob - get your Instagram account fired up!

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Looking forward to this game ! .

Stryker said...

Thanks - so am I!

Matt said...

Now I am going to enter the 21st Century with Instagram!

Stryker said...

Go for it Matt, it's not as bad as you might think! Ask one of the kids...

Wellington Man said...

Excellent! This promises to be a real spectacle.
I doubt I'll be watching on Instagram, however, as it'll be the middle of the night!

Stryker said...

WM - we'll have to replay it 12 hours later for you!

'Lee. said...

This sounds interesting Ian, looks like I'm going to have to give Instagram a go too now.

Stryker said...

Lee - it was Mrs S who suggested Instagram (I am a luddite) but now I'm hooked. I think you would find it particularly good for posting work in progress, much less time consuming than Blogger!

Mark Dudley said...

Looks like I a found a reason for getting Instagram as well.

Looking forward to seeing the updates.

Stryker said...

Good news Mark, now I just have to make sure I know how it works!