Saturday, 12 May 2018

Battle of the four Generals (conclusion)

There is tension also for Blucher as the Silesian (aka Death-Star) Landwehr
take a pasting from Tony's guns. They took similar punishment in the next turn
but despite their 'C' class status did not rout.
The fight for the rock is in full swing. There is more cavalry action in the
foreground with East Prussian cuirassiers about to clash with the French DK's.
Across the table Tony has pulled his men out of square and looks set to attack.
A full view of the table at the end of turn 7.
The cavalry melee looks even with one casualty each. Meanwhile the Leib
Hussars have finally been routed (despite which they still get my 'man of the
match' award).
The Swedish Alderkretuz regiment eject the 4th Swiss from the farm which
changes hands for the fourth and final time. It's been a while since the 4th
Swiss have finished a battle with over half their number still standing so well
done for that at least.
The Young Guard rout the Russian Grenadiers. This was the high water
mark for the forces of the emperor. Wellington looks on "Make ready guards!".
Despite the success of the Young Guard the situation for the French is critical.
The Old Guard have voluntarily withdrawn behind the 45th ligne who are now
taking the full fury of the British rifle and artillery fire.
On the British flank the Blues&Greys are in action. Big men on big horses
with lots of pluses on their die rolls!
WM makes one last effort to take the hill by deploying the Musketeer regiment
No4 Hoch-Und Deutschmeister. But too little too late, those Cambridgeshires
are going nowhere.
The emperor gets ready for one last throw of the dice by combining the remnants
of the Old Guard with those of the Guard Marines. This is the first time we have
used the rule that allows two units under half strength to combine into one unit.
Turn 8 game over and all three objectives are in allied hands. Here WM's
18th (6th Reserve) regiment proudly wave their flag in a victory salute.
Straight from a copy of Minitaure Warfare circa 1972? WM's DK Garde
du Corps. Fittingly not a feather was ruffled on these fine fellows who stayed
in reserve throughout the game.

My thanks to my fellow players Tony, Goya and WM for a great game and to Mrs S for lunch.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

What an amazing assembly of classic figures! Your pictures recall all of those in many classic books on wargaming, but the painting and basing is so much better than was the case in 1974 0r '75. The hobby and its artistry has come such a long way.

Best Regards,


Stryker said...

Thanks Stokes, it did look good!

Wellington Man said...

Curses, we lost - or at least the French did. I was secretly rooting for the Prussians, I think.

It was a wonderful privilege to handle your beautiful beautiful battalions, Ian.

Stryker said...

WM - you may have lost but nobody can say you held back after the glorious exploits of the Guard! The privilege was all mine to get to command your amazingly painted and well travelled battalions.

Rob said...

I totally agree with your awarding 'man of the match' to the Leib Hussars - having now seen them in the flesh I can understand why they fight so well. The game seemed to flow really nicely - how long did it actually take (playing time)?

Stryker said...

Rob - they fight as well as they look! We started around 11.00am and finished 4.30pm with an hour for lunch.

MSFoy said...

Super pictures - very nicely put together report; this is going to set a very uncomfortable precedent for anyone else to live up to! it was a terrific day, and I'm delighted and honoured to have taken part.

As for the result, I have only one thing to say...


Alastair Morrison said...

What a superb game...and an excellent write up

I was/is a joy to see so many beautifully painted classic toy soldiers on the same table...

Thank you gentlemen.

All The best. Aly

peter holland said...

Hugely enjoyable write up. The figures looked splendid. Commendations to all.

Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps - it was a great game!

the Archduke said...

I've seen it all now. "La Garde recule volontiers derriere in regiment qui a perdu son aigle"
Not that I have any schadenfreude at all.......Quelle affaire, as Blucher may or may nor have said.

Pure genius, chaps.

Matt said...

Surely the Landwehr have made Guard status by now?

Excellent looking game.

Stryker said...

Hold on there Archduke - they didn't lose their Eagle in this game!

Stryker said...

Matt, only in out hearts! You're right though they were one of the most experienced units on the table.

Captain Nolan said...

Hurrah for an excellent after action report. It sounds like it was time well spent: toy soldiers, comradeship and a tasty repast. Who could ask for anything more!

the Archduke said...

Fair point well made, Ian. And from what I've seen of the 45me's prowess, their eagle is safe enough. I just feel about guards the way infantrymen feel about cavalry.......

Captain Nolan said...

What do the red chips indicate? Rout?

Stryker said...

One red counter is disordered two is routing.