Sunday, 10 September 2017


This is the finished version of my converted Airfix La-Haye-Sainte model. The building has been cut down in size to give a smaller footprint than Hougo-Sainte although it has been mounted on the same A4 sized base.

The view from the main gate. I gave this model terracotta tiles
rather than grey as these are fitted to the real restored
Hougoumont buildings I visited earlier this year. Not that this
is supposed to represent Hougomont as such.
Aerial view to show the layout. Note the 'impossible to exit
with a farm cart building' (bottom right). The farmer may
have to disassemble his cart everytime he needs to use it.

Gneisenau calmly directs the defence of the farm. He is
confident that even C grade Landwehr can defend the place
as he has a copy of Muskets & Marshals version 6 in his hand.

Achtung, hier kommen die frosche!

I’ve enjoyed making and painting these models and now I just have the village base left to complete.


Mark Dudley said...

Another excellent building. I must get myself one of the Airfix kits.

I see that Gneisenau has M+M 6. Does that mean that the new version is ready ?

Stryker said...

Hi Mark - M&M6 is not quite ready yet as there is some play-testing to be done. The changes are mostly to do with melee which needs some refining.

MSFoy said...

"...even C Grade Landwehr..." - just a minute, I recall these are the most formidable soldiers I ever saw on a tabletop!

lewisgunner said...

Are we to expect Plancenoit?
Will younextend from awaterloo...some Spanish timeshare perhapsvorva Tyrolean gasthof?

Anonymous said...

Great looking building


Stryker said...

Tony - actually you do have a point, back to the drawing board I guess...

Roy - no plans to extend beyond Belgium but Plance-not is in the pipeline!

Cheers Paul!

Lee said...

Very nice Ian, I'm so glad you re-introduced me to the old Airfix buildings range, I'm sure one could be adapted for the ECW period :)

Matt said...

How about Quarter Bras?

Nothing to do with wargaming I just wanted to be smutty!

Ross Mac said...

Couldn't the farm cart come in and out of the big barn doors on the exterior? No need to drag it through the courtyard surely.

In any event a splendid addition, just different enough.

Are you sure the other place isn't Plancenoix named after the nutty pastry they serve with coffee and the inn?

Conrad Kinch said...

Great stuff. I think they re released this recently.

Wellington Man said...

Given the tendency of Airfix buildings to spontaneously spring apart I'm surprised you didn't call it Popalotte, Ian.

Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps!

Ross - you have a point there about the barn door, why didn't farmer Jaques think of that?

WM - I used polystyrene cement rather than superglue and it went together like a dream!

caveadsum1471 said...

Nice conversion of great little model.
Best Iain

Stryker said...

Thanks Iain!

the Archduke said...

I share with Mr Foy total confidence in the ability of that Landwehr to hold off anything while they still had ammunition.

Stryker said...

Nigel - you are of course right, no rule amendements required!

Dave Vickers said...

Love the idea of BUAs on A4 bases , been thinking of making all terrain modules with this as standard, anybody got experience of this?

lewisgunner said...

Aha Archduke , Look at the buttons on their coats...there's another eight shots there.


the Archduke said...

Brilliant, LG.