Saturday, 10 September 2016

Prussian Jagers

Or Jaegers if you prefer, however I like to use the spelling in the Hinton Hunt catalogue which also menacingly describes these figures as ‘Jackbooted Riflemen’.

In my original Prussian army I had 20 Jagers in the advancing pose but my new unit has representatives of every figure type comprised as follows:

PN.24 Jager Officer, quick marching x 2
PN.25 Jager Bugler, quick marching x 1
PN.26 Jager, quick marching x 3
PN.27 Jager, advancing x 4
PN.28 Jager, firing x 8
PN.29 Jager, kneeling firing x 6

The Prussian Jagers were considered a crack formation and although they normally fought parcelled out in small detachments my own force will now have the option to fight as a single battalion in the forthcoming Vintage Leipzig game.


lewisgunner said...

Yes they and the Austrian Jagers were frequently parcelled out by companies. Now both nations had other light troops in the line organisation so they had plenty of skirmishers. Warfare from 1812 on where there were large numbers of skirmishers, columns or other dense blocks of rather undertrained line and big artillery batteries doesn'T seem to have a natural kace fir companies of marksmen, so what did they do on the battlefield??

Stryker said...

Probably remained in reserve with the other 'elite' troops!

KEV. said...

Very nice Prussians painted up Ian. Look forward to Large Battle. KEV.

Wellington Man said...

Your jagers are second to none, Ian! Alas, my Silesian Schützen are all marching. Perhaps I ended up with your old battalion.....

Do I detect added shininess? They are looking splendid!

All the best, WM

Stryker said...

Kev - I'm looking forward to it as well, should be epic!

Matt - When I rebased them I also gloss varnished the whole lot. I had trouble trying to satin varnish the original bunch and they ended up a lot more matt than satin and I was never really happy with the finish. All my new units will be gloss varnished as it does seem to bring out the colours more.

the Archduke said...

Naturlich, you have the spelling correct, mein Freund. Some foreigners insert an otiose "e" as compensation for their lack of umlauts. These chaps seem to have an elegant sufficiency of umlauts.

Stryker said...

I guess some people just can tell their umlats from their elbows!

paulalba said...

Lovely troops Ian!!!

Just to give you the heads up again. There is a guy looking to sell some Hinton hunt Cavalry amongst others on "the napoleonic wargamer" Facebook page.

Maybe your friend can have a look again.