Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Pom-poms on Austrians more favourite things

Continuing with the Austrian theme I decided to paint up a few extra gunners for the recently completed cannons. You may remember that I painted one gun crew a few years back (2008 to be precise – click here) so I just needed to add another four figures to give me two batteries.

Fortunately I keep a notebook where I record what paints I use for each figure type which saved me from having to rummage through my Foundry paints trying to colour match. However I did also refer to the Hinton Hunt painting instructions that Clive helpfully posted on his blog (click here) as these weren’t available to me first time around.

One thing that I found I had missed originally was “small yellow pom-pom with black centre at each corner of hat”. Now as we all know you just can’t miss out a pom-pom on a Napoleonic uniform, that’s a slippery slope to who knows where so I’m pleased to report that all hats now have their full complement.


Conrad Kinch said...

Well I am glad to hear it young man.

Standards must be maintained, thin end of the wedge, etc.

Wellington Man said...

Very finely executed cross belts, sir!

I all seriousness, very fine painting Ian.



Stryker said...

Thanks chaps - if we don't maintain standards who will?

the Archduke said...

I reckon expressions of enthusiasm from the Archduke can be regarded as de trop..I offer them anyway. Can I assume that the four gentlemen behind doing a passingly good impression of Brunswickers are Hoch und Deutschmeister in their underwear? Most gratifying. But in a good way.

lewisgunner said...

Are you sure about that brown Ian and isn't the facing colour looking a bit pink?
Lovely job, but are you sure that the colours are the same. as before?

Stryker said...

Archduke - you are correct they are more Austrian infantry awaiting uniforms, quite a queue at the moment.

Roy - yes I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Lovely figures, how many Austrians will you have once these are completed? Will look good when all together?


Stryker said...

Hi Paul - My aim is to take my Austrian force up to 3 foot + 2 guns this year. I also have a unit of 18 jagers and one of Hussars already compeleted. We'll see how far I get because I'm already getting slightly sidetracked into Prussians!

Stuart C said...

Paintings Prussians is the route to insanity - all that dark blue and dark grey. The Austrians are looking good though