Sunday, 13 September 2015

Brandenburg Uhlans – Completed

Matt sent me the other half of the Brandenburg Uhlans a couple of weeks ago and I’ve finally found time to base them up. The figures are PN.89 Prussian Uhlan Lancer (mounted) Charging and Matt has done a truly superb job of painting them – click on the images to zoom in and admire his handiwork.

As you can see the 6 Uhlan figures have been combined with my 6 Landwehr figures to make up one full 12 figure unit. This is because I didn’t have enough of either type to make a unit of identical figures but I think they mix together well. Anyway I guess it’s not completely inconceivable that such a mix of uniforms may have existed in a Prussian unit at the time of Waterloo.

These Uhlans are particularly well travelled having been sent to me by Don in the US a few years ago. They are original Hinton Hunt castings (amongst the best I’ve ever seen) so I’m sure Don must have bought them direct from Marcus Hinton in the 70s. Having made the trip across the pond twice they then went on a bit of an adventure to New Zealand (where they nearly got lost in the international postal service) and then of course back again. Total air miles 33,370 - equivalent to marching from Berlin to Paris and back 25 times.

This is the last of my commissioned units for Vintage Waterloo, from now on things will slow to their usual pace as I pick up my own paint brush once again.


Springinsfeld said...

Splendid work on cracking old figures. Is that yacht varnish that gives the extra shine or standard modelling varnish?

Stryker said...

I think it's a standard artists varnish that Matt uses but I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong!

warpaintjj said...

These are lovely!
It really is a good gloss varnish, mine never seem quite so glass like!
Best wishes

K.C.ROBERTSON. said...

Superb Painting- If my own figures turn out half as good as these fellows- I'll be pleased as punch!

Stryker said...

Me too Kev!