Thursday, 12 February 2015

Vintage Waterloo

In a moment of madness the other day I suggested to Roy that we play a 200th anniversary Waterloo game this summer using our vintage figures. I envisaged a small affair of about eight or so units a side played out in a civilised style on Roy’s table. However, Roy has really taken to the idea and run with it and somehow the megalomania in both of us has escalated the thing into something potentially much bigger.

I say potentially because about a quarter of the units we plan to use aren’t even painted yet and many more from Roy’s collection will have to be rebased for use with my Muskets & Marshals rules. The figures will be a mixture of Hinton Hunt, Der Kreigspieler, Lamming and Alberken. Many will be genuine vintage figures and it’s possible of course that some of them may even have taken part in refights of the battle for the 150th anniversary.

We have a lot of work to do to pull this off (and by we I mean Roy) but we’ll give it our best shot and even if we don’t quite get to the epic proportions we’d like we will definitely play a Waterloo game of sorts that will eventually feature here on this blog. Only question now is who gets to be Napoleon?


MSFoy said...

Fantastic - my compliments to you and Roy for this fine project. Did I miss something there, or is Roy getting lumbered with all the work? Whatever, I'm really looking forward to it. Very exciting.

Regards - Tony

Stryker said...

Tony - yes exciting, Roy won't be doing all the work I plan to paint at least one (or possibly two) figures myself!

Matt said...

This should be good!

paulalba said...

Ian I look forward to this! how many of us have sat down with a brother or wargaming buddy and made these big plans!

Good luck!


Wellington Man said...

Splendid idea! I shall enjoy it vicariously from the Other Side. Best of luck, WM

lewisgunner said...

I will lay off some of the work to painters of high repute so that I can concentrate on a feasible number of units. Some of what we will be using will have come from the Peter Gilder collection via the Wargames holiday centre, so there is a goid chance of a unit having fought in the 1965 reconstruction!
There is quite a bit of work to do as even the units I have that can be used are in sizes that do not fit with Ian's rukeset so I will have to produce command sets for a second battalion which means finding or converting the figures. However, I am confident that with John Cunningham's service now providing some useful recruits I should be able to get the command etc that is necessary.
Did I notice Douglas in Ian's list? Must get a battalion of them in somewhere and I might have just sufficient Kirks to make a unit.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea. Lot's of allied troops and Prussians to take on the French.

Look forward to this.


the Archduke said...

and there was I thinking Blucher's elevation to pin up indicated a return to the Prussian army....a noble aim, gentlemen. Presumably this time the Duke won't ignore his intelligence, and perhaps the Emperor will appoint a half-competent Chief of Staff.

Stryker said...

I wouldn't hold your breath Archduke, after all it's Roy and myself your talking about!