Thursday, 28 August 2014

Prussian Dragoon

This is the completed test figure for the proposed squadron of Prussian dragoons PN.81 Prussian Dragoon (mounted) charging.

A trooper of the 6th Naumarkisches Dragoons (as per the Hinton Hunt painting instruction sheet).

I know I’ve said it before, but these one-piece Hinton Hunt cavalry figures can be very tricky to paint so I find doing a test figure before starting work on a whole batch of them is a good idea. Otherwise if I change my mind about something half way through (and I always do) I end up doing a lot of repainting.

 Painting the buttons on the trousers was a bit of a chore but they look fine viewed from a distance.

I never had any of these figures in my original 1970s army but I always fancied the idea of including Dragoons with their sky blue coats to break up the sombre look of the massed ranks of Prussian infantry.


Anonymous said...

A lovely figure, the sky blue does break up the Prussian blue infantry colours.

How many Dragoon figures will you be adding to the Prussian contingent?


Stryker said...

Hi Paul - I will be painting a squadron of 6 figures and will eventually add 6 cuirassier figures to them to make up a small 12 figure unit.

the Archduke said...

Very nice indeed. You've really captured the spirit of this figure, in my opinion. I agree that painting the trouser buttons is a chore, but they make a huge difference to the effect.

Stryker said...

Thanks Archduke - Some time ago Rafa suggested that I use a pin to apply paint for buttons but what I've done here is use a screw with a fine point (so I can hold it more easily) and it does seem to work! Just need to perfect the technique a bit.

lewisgunner said...

Excellent work Ian. I do wonder if you should go over the shabraque piping again to give it a bit more lift?

Also, what colour is the carbine?. Normally they are chestnut brown because they get coated in oil when the gun is cleaned and that darkens the wood.

A pity that Marcus Hinton did not put the dragoons in a litewka as that would be a cool looking coat. Neat figure, look lovely.

Matt said...

I like him a lot. I am always a little worried when I use sky blue taht they may look OTT but he looks great.

Stryker said...

Roy - The colours are a bit stronger than the photo suggests but I do still want to do a bit of touching up (I want them to look their best when pursuing Russians!). The carbine is Foundry Drab 12B, I've always used this for muskets etc although I agree it is not the right colour.

Matt - the blue is Foundry Tomb Blue 23A which is quite a lot darker than sky blue but it is showing up as lighter in the photo.

'Lee. said...

Very nice indeed Ian. Blue always seems to photograph lighter I find. Interesting button painting method.


Stryker said...

Thanks Lee - I'm still experimenting with the button painting but I think with practice it will be a much quicker method than using a paint brush!