Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Seven years on

Believe it or not it is seven years ago today (click here) that I started this blog to document my attempt to collect two opposing wargame armies made up solely of 20mm Hinton Hunt figures. Back then it seemed like a pretty impossible dream but after the recent spate of recruiting activity for the French army it would appear that I am nearly there.

A tot up of the troops painted, based and ready for action comes in at 592 and of these 367 have been painted by me, 90 by Matt, 36 by Don, 24 by Lee with a further 75 figures refurbished by me (the Swedes). By accident more than design the figures are split pretty much 50:50 between the French and “Nations Allied against Napoleon” so I do have the required two armies albeit that the mix of Allies is not really an historical one.

To address this problem I intend to split the Allies into two different forces - one will be a ‘continental’ army comprised of Austrians, Russians and Swedes and the other will be for the ‘hundred days’ with British, Nassau and Brunswickers (the Prussians will float between the two forces to make up numbers).

So there are still a few more units to paint before I hang up my brush and, although it's unlikely that this project will continue for another seven years, I intend to carry on until either my enthusiasm or the lead pile runs dry.


Matt said...

Happy Birthday to what is in my mind one of the most original ideas in the "wargaming blogo-sphere" !

Stryker said...

Thanks for that Matt!

the Archduke said...

Happy birthday indeed. As to the limitations to your project, I recall saying something similar forty five years ago. Your blog is enthusing a lot of fellow Hunters out here to paint faster, which is all to the good.

johnpreece said...

I have followed you for a few of those years and I have always enjoyed seeing your progress.

On a selfish note I hope for much more to come. Happy Birthday.

James Fisher, FINS said...

That’s a great effort Ian, both in terms of the blog and the figures. What’s more you are now staging some great games such as the Grand Redoubt one below!
I do hope that you’ll keep the blog going to report on the many games to come?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and long may you continue, I enjoy your battle reports and parades, and seeing the progress of your collection.


Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps.

I think I have another 200 or so figures that I want to paint so at my rate of output we are talking a few more years yet (hopefully). There should be the odd battle too!

'Lee. said...

It's been a great pleasure following the development of your fine collection Ian, I must have been following most of those seven years I reckon!

Long may it continue :-)


Stryker said...

Cheers Lee!

MSFoy said...

Sorry I'm late - congratulations on the anniversary of what is one of my very favourite blogs. Long may your bristles flourish, sir. Your re-org sounds interesting, but a lot of work - you could always continue to fall back on alternative history - the Wars of Coalition 5a, the Confederation of the Avon - all that.

Thanks for all your work - it brings a lot of pleasure to see these fine old figures so beautifully presented, in exactly the appropriate style

Stryker said...

Thanks Tony - an alternate history does sound good but we all know that I'll have to go for historical in the end!

Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed following your progress since stumbling over your blog a few years back. I reckon my own lead pile should be completed in time for my retirement in 3 years. keep at it mate, you are an inspiration. Simon

Stryker said...

Thanks Simon, but surely retirement is the time to add to your lead pile not finish it!

Chuck Gibke said...

I have just made a stab at locating and inventorying by 20-25mm figures from the early 1970s. They are primarily Der Kriegspielers (all we had easily available back then), some Mini-Figs, Hinton Hunt, and Hinchliffe.
I am scanning some catalogs from back then, including a Hinton Hunt cat from 72-73: http://www.gibke.com/miniatures.html

I am trying to collect photos of the various DK figures and (eventually) the HH since they are so closely related.

Enjoying your blog!

Stryker said...

Hi Chuck - glad you're enjoying the blog. If you've missed it you should take a look at http://findthatfigure.blogspot.co.uk/ all the HH figures are catalogued there.