Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Russian are Coming! (part 2)

By the start of turn 3 Roy was beginning to develop his flanking attack on my right by moving three cavalry units out past the West Woods in line abreast. This cavalry force was closely supported by several infantry battalions moving up behind in column of march. Napoleon reacted to the Russian move by ordering Murat and Ponsonby to extend to the right to oppose the enemy cavalry.

The initial dispositions on the 'French' right. The Naval battalion and Guards infantry are in line beside Western Hill. Behind them the massed ranks of Ponsonby's Union brigade and Murat's French light cavalry.

Murat moved off first with the French light cavalry followed by Ponsonby and the heavies of the Union brigade. Meanwhile Mercer’s RHA battery moved onto the Western Hill and unlimbered ready to open fire on the Russian horsemen as they approached. The Emperor was quietly confident that his forces would stop and repel the Russians.

The cavalry move out to the flank. The Union brigade present a splendid sight as they pass by with the Greys to the fore. The Russian cavalry are just visible in the distance.

The Russian cavalry prepare to charge (Just to reassure you - these are genuine shots taken during the game, the backdrop was inserted later by Dave using some digital wizardry!).

At the start of turn 5, with both cavalry lines fully deployed, Roy ordered all three of his units to charge. I had taken the precaution of ordering my own cavalry to counter-charge but as Roy had declared his charge first it was up to me to take the first morale test. No problem I thought, unless one of my units rolled a 2 on an average die and became disordered – not very likely. I then proceeded to roll two 2’s – doh! – both my cavalry units were now disordered and therefore unable to counter-charge putting them at a considerable disadvantage in the following melee.

The Russian cavalry move in for the kill. The figures nearest the camera are RN42 Russian Lancer (mounted) charging. Roy has replaced the cast-on 'tree trunk' lances with wire ones - they look superb!

The jubilant Russian Cuirrassiers and Chasseurs now ploughed into my line where thanks to some more duff dice rolling coupled with some nice modifiers, they succeeded in routing both my units including the “A” rated Union brigade – the shame of it!

Not a pretty sight - my cavalry in full rout...

Meanwhile Roy’s lancers had conducted a neat right-wheel and charged straight for the mouths of Mercer’s guns. The British gunners got off a round of canister at close range that took out 5 of their number forcing a morale test, surely this time the dice would fall favourably for the Emperor?

 The Russian Lancers in amongst Mercer's battery - definitely not cricket.

Sadly not – the Russian troopers were soon in amongst the guns and limbers running Mercer’s poor men through with their lances in a most unsporting manner. The French right flank was wide open.

To be continued.


Mosstrooper said...

Oh ! exciting stuff !

lewisgunner said...

Mind you, throughout this grand manoeuvre Napoleon was completely unperturbed , well he did a fair job of retaining his aplomb!
Meanwhile the Russian command was astonished at the rapidity of success of their flank ing attack, the cavalry pushed on driving the finest horsemen in Europe in front of them. The flanking battery was taken out and three battalions of their infantry were marching on to the exposed French wing.
Thanks to a run of unhappy dice, what should have been a good plan to outnumber the enemy at the point of attack had become a dramatic opportunity.

paulalba said...

Nice!!! I thought I had found you some Hinton hunt at a show in Glasgow however they turned out to be something different. Sorry

Rafael Pardo said...

The last picture is great!

Stryker said...

Rafa - only if you were the Russian player!

Phil said...

Very nice charge!

Markus Schenk said...

great pics sounds like a lot for nail bitting wargames fun..

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - perhaps leaving out the hobnobs was not such a mistake? The look of the game is very good - you must be feeling like you are really "getting there" now with the collection?