Monday, 21 January 2013

Crimean Ruskie

Painting time has been a bit thin on the ground here so far this year but by a herculean effort I managed to finish this single figure. He is an Imperial Russian infantryman in soft cap and long greatcoat - RC/17 Russian private, marching.

At a stroke this chap doubles my Hinton Hunt Crimean War collection. Will there be more? Well, probably not although I do find myself strangely drawn to the British 17th Lancer figure glinting at me from the lead pile.

The Crimean Russian figures are not amongst the best of Marcus Hinton's sculpts being a bit spindly. Even back in the day I wasn't sure about them after seeing a photo review in Miniature Warfare magazine (probably a late 60s issue) which was a shame because I might have otherwise been tempted to buy some.

This figure is another of the ones kindly sent to me by John C.


Anonymous said...

Well, now you have mentioned the British Lancer you cannot leave me in suspense! That little Ruskie is a nice little sculpt actually!

Conrad Kinch said...

And a handsome fellow he is too. I'm actually considering adding some Crimean Russians to my Napoleonic forces.

johnpreece said...

I have a couple of units of these chaps to get done this year.

You have set the bar scarily high, but I shall be aiming to emulate your standard.

paulalba said...

Well done Ina, I am the same.
Life has a way of getting in the way of our wee men!!!

Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps!

lewisgunner said...

I love the Crimean Figures. Nothing looks finer than a massive column of greatcoated Russians marching over the bare hills of the Crimea.

Its an odd range though as Marcus never made Brit Heavy cavalror hussars or L dragoons and no artillery and no Russkie artillery or cavalry at all.
fortunately John Cunningham keeps the Douglas range alive.

'Lee. said...

Very nice figure Ian, has lots of character. I know both you and I share an interest in this period.

Go on, now paint the 17th lancer!

Stryker said...

Roy - I agree that a whole column of Ruskies would look good and I guess I could add just one unit and use it with my Naps!

Lee - Ok I'll do it then, just for you!

Phil said...

Very nice figure, Crimean Russian forces are looking nice!