Thursday, 3 May 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

Firstly, because yesterday this blog received its one hundred thousandth hit. So one hundred thousand thanks to you all (or perhaps just one big thank you to one very sad individual). Secondly, because during the week I finished the unit of Prussian Jagers marking the end of “phase one” of this project. I now have over 350 painted and based figures, which is enough to enable me to play a decent sized game.

I’ve already mentioned that I’m particularly fond of these Jager figures because the very first Hinton Hunt unit I completed back in the early 70s was made up of these same types. Those figures are of course long gone – perhaps hiding in an attic somewhere.

My light infantry units are 18 figures strong and individually based for maximum manoeuvrability. The complete line-up is as follows:

2 x PN.24 Jager Officer, quick marching
1 x PN.25 Jager bugler, quick marching
3 x PN.26 Jager, quick marching
6 x PN.28 Jager, firing
6 x PN.29 Jager, kneeling firing

Next up will be the British ADC I’ll be painting to represent Wellington’s aid De Lancey.


Rafael Pardo said...

A good unit, those Jaegers

Anonymous said...

A couple of milestones reached...well done! Look forward to more!

kingsleypark said...

Congratulations on hitting the 100K

It is always good to see the old figures getting a new lease of life and showing that they have just as much right to be on today's wargames table as the current lot

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes, very pretty figures! Sounds silly talking about Prussians that way, but there you are.

Best Regards,


Stryker said...

Thanks for the comments chaps!

'Lee. said...

Congratulations on that milestone, but I'm not surprised, its been a great pleasure to follow this blog.

Those Prussians look great. Having handled some of your HH figures I can fully appreciate the quality of those old castings.

Are we going to see them all out on the tabletop again soon? Hope so.

All the best,

Stryker said...

Hi Lee - thanks for that.

Yes, I do hope to have a battle soon but time for such pleasures is very limited of late so bear with me!


lewisgunner said...

Ye, Yes, another game!!

Stryker said...

Roy - I haven't forgotten!

I'll be in touch soon with some dates.

How are those Russians coming along?


lewisgunner said...

Sent the Russians to my painter chap who promptly injurde his back and cannot do thenm until the Summer!!!
Moving house so everything is in chaous. I have rather less space so the table is piled high with boxes!!

I envy you the leisure that you have for painting.


Phil said...

Well done! A very nice unit!