Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The recession bites

As if the wobbly world economy isn’t worrying enough it now appears we need to be concerned about another potential crash because amazingly I managed to buy these 12 Hinton Hunt figures on eBay for a mere £12.50 at the weekend!

I haven’t made more than the occasional token bid on eBay for a long time now and certainly never expected to end up winning this lot. They are however a very welcome addition as I have another 12 or so Clayton castings already and this will mean I can finally make up a proper 24 figure unit.

The firing figure is BRN/5 Brunswick Infantry (firing) and the officers are BRN/1 Brunswick Officer (charging). One of the Officers has been converted into a standard bearer, which is a bit of a bonus. All of these figures turned out to be vintage castings in excellent condition.

In the background is another eBay acquisition that arrived in the same post. I’m having a little bit more trouble than I hoped resisting my Crimean War project – this set is from ESCI (set 220 Lord Cardigan’s 11th Hussars).


Paulalba said...

Hi Ian,
That was a cracking buy!

I haven't bid on AB figures on ebay for almost 4 months. Maybe I have plenty but they always seem to go sky high (sometimes for more than you can buy them new) so I think a second crash is a wee bit away.

So you have a few more figures to paint up!

lewisgunner said...

Good to see you getting them at a 'fair' price Ian, but still enough to encourage people to turn out their lofts! Prices have gone a little crazy this past year or so.

Maybe Ron Marshall was on holiday :-))