Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Emperor and the Duke – Conclusion (Off Topic #7)

Regular readers of this blog may recall my post a couple of months ago about the play-by-email campaign of Waterloo I was engaged in using the game by HPS Simulations. I feel it’s only fair to report that Napoleon (that’s me) failed dismally in his attempt to crush the Allies and march on Brussels.

Following the battle at Gosselies I decided to move in the general direction of Ligny (sounds familiar eh?) preferring to fight it out with the Prussians rather than to get drawn in against those nasty redcoats. A protracted and costly running skirmish ensued culminating in a set piece battle at Tongrinne (just east of Ligny). Sadly, being unable to break the Prussian line and with the Duke of Wellington snapping at his heels, the Emperor decided enough was enough and booked a holiday on St Helena.

It was a great game that ran to 85 turns (representing about a day and half in real time). The picture shows my army disintegrating under the onslaught of the Allied troops – click on the image for a closer look. What these HPS games lack in graphics is more than made up for in the detail and sheer scale of operations and they are hugely enjoyable to play against a live opponent (not so good against the computer).

Having had a short break from hostilities to recover, my opponent and I have just embarked on an ACW scenario using the Antietam game. I’m playing Union General Pope in this one and am about to slug it out with a certain Thomas Jackson near a little stream called Bull Run.


rpardo said...

Merde... shut down the PC!
Vive l'Empereur!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the boys in blue do better than, well, the other boys in blue!

Stryker said...

Matt - I sure hope so!