Thursday, 27 November 2008

Got the Blues

These are vintage castings of BN60 British Household Cavalry Trooper (mounted) charging, from the horse-attached series. The Hinton Hunt Catalogue states that these “can be painted as either the Life Guards or the Royal Horse Guards”. Well, given the choice I decided to go for the Royal Horse Guards (more commonly referred to as the Blues) mainly because it makes a nice change from all that British scarlet.

Two squadrons of the Blues were sent to Spain in 1812 where they saw action late in the day at Vittoria advancing in support of the infantry. In 1815 they were brigaded with the 1st and 2nd Life Guards and the 1st (King’s) Dragoon Guards to form the Household Brigade under Major General Lord Somerset taking part in the famous charge against D’Erlon’s Corps at Waterloo.

These three castings, being a bit thin on the ground, will be hitched up with my Inniskilling Dragoons to form an ad-hoc squadron. Like the Dragoons they’re looking a bit shiny due to on-going problems in the varnishing department.


Anonymous said...

Shiny or not, they look very smart.


PAUL said...

Hi Ian.
Very nice painting
I see you decided to change the basing on the cavalry much less chance of them falling over and being damaged now.


Stryker said...

Matt - thanks for that!
Paul - that's very observant of you. I've changed the cavalry basing so that each squadron is mounted on 2 bases of 2's and 2 of 1's. It cuts down on the handling and wear and tear.