Sunday, 25 May 2008

Fusilier Command

This is another shot of my command group for the fusiliers of the French 45th Regiment. I realised that I had made a few changes to the final version of these figures since my original post and thought that this was a much better photo anyway.

I had initially painted some blobby buttons on the white parts of the tunics but these looked huge in close up so I removed them. Knowing how far to go with detail on these Hinton Hunt figures is always a bit of a dilemma. Sometimes less is more particularly with my limited level of painting ability.

I am still plodding away at those Scots Grey’s after the break last week. You will be pleased to know that all six of the horses have finally been painted – now for the riders.


Anonymous said...

Not a comment specifically but wanted you to know (if you don't already) that quite a few original Hintons have popped up on ebay recently.

No interest personally just like your site and your project aims.

Tony Smith

Stryker said...

Hi Tony

Thanks for that. I had noticed them and did even venture to bid on one nice looking lot of 18French Light Infantry (in Busbys)that took my fancy. They went for over £50 but not to me sadly.

I am trying to be restrained on the buying front at the moment as I have over 300 vintage figures in the painting queue plus those USA Swedes.

Having said that I am about to recieve another 90+ USA version castings. They include Austrians and - at long last - some Prussians !

Glad you enjoy the blog.


rpardo said...

Hi Ian
Nice painting. There is a little trick to paint buttons: use a pin and not a brush!

Anonymous said...

How do you find so many "originals", you have got me checking base shapes on any Hinton's I see!! (Because of you I keep looking out Jacklex Boer War figures, the ones I sooo wanted but could never afford!)


Stryker said...

Finding original castings is quite hard (and expensive) but most have come via eBay.
I always wanted those Jacklex Boer War figures too! If you can't find any vintage ones you could try the reissued ones from Spencer Smith.
I feel another project coming on...