Monday, 7 April 2008

The King is Well

A British and an Austrian General make an early morning reconnaissance across my desk. They may be looking for the French or just taking in the view and chatting. The figures are:

AN102 Austrian General Holding Map
BN254 General Alten (I am 90% certain it is he)

These are very nice figures and I particularly like the Austrian who is a one-piece casting. I like these so much that I may not re-paint them.

Alten joined the army aged 17, commanded the King’s German Legion in the Peninsula and was wounded at Salamanca. He took over command of the Light Divison after Craufurd’s death and went on to lead a Division at Waterloo. He eventually became a Field Marshal, real Boy’s Own stuff.

The mug on my desk was bought for me at Buckingham Palace by my wife. Being a bit of a Royalist I really like the sentiment on it. Quite appropriate for Alten too.

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