Sunday, 7 August 2011


The Duke of Wellington and his staff are on reconnaissance escorted by a Troop of Scots Greys.

They ride past the church – the Duke and Copenhagen are out in front.

As they ride on his staff are finding it hard to keep up with the Duke who always likes to lead at a fast canter.

By the time they reach the Farm the Duke is well to the fore.

Suddenly from the trees ahead emerges a line of French Voltigeurs!

“Watch out your Grace!” yells Lord Hill.

The Duke reins in Copenhagen in the nick of time and the Greys charge forward.

The French turn tail and run back into the woods followed closely by the Greys.

“Hot work eh Lord Hill?” says the Duke
“Indeed it is your Grace but I do wish you would not put yourself in such danger!” replies Lord Hill.
“Well done the Greys, well done!” exclaims the Duke.

The reconnaissance has been a success – The Duke has found the French!


Conrad Kinch said...

Nice work - Airfix farmhouse I trust? I couldn't place the trees.

Stryker said...

Yes, the farmhouse is the Airfix one. The trees are the "Woodland Scenics" ones I mentioned in my last post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to this post I have finally started my Airfix Farmhouse today!

Good to see the Duke is not hurt!



tidders said...

Nice little scenario, Airfix Waterloo farmhouse looks good

-- Alan

Lee said...

Lovely stuff Ian :-) Great pics as always. And glad to see that you have got your hands on the garage.


Scott Pasha said...

Love it. More of this!

Rafael Pardo said...

I like the wood!

lewisgunner said...

The Duke is more at risk from that idiot Ponsonby waving his sword all over the place!


Stryker said...

Hi Roy - You have a good point. Perhaps this is one reason why the Duke liked to ride out in the front!