Thursday, 11 August 2011

Counter Reconnaissance

Napoleon and his staff are on reconnaissance after reports that British Cavalry are in the area.

Skirmishers of the elite 10th Legere are moving through the farmyard.

“Drunken men on big Grey horses, eh Poniatowski?”
“Yes Sire, they went that way apparently.”

The Emperor orders forward a Squadron of the 3rd Cheveau-Legers Lanciers to investigate. They ride up to the skirmish line and on past the farm.

Next Napoleon calls upon the trusty 45th Ligne to support the lancers.

“Vive l’emperor!” cry the men as they pass Napoleon.

The French advance guard pushes forward eager to get to grips with the enemy.

With British and French forces in such close proximity could a battle be brewing?


lewisgunner said...

I want to win the prize for pedantry here so:
1) marshal lannes died in 1809. I have visited his memorial and lit a candle for his immortal soul. How come he features as part of the emperor's glittering staff when the other troops are infantry in 1812 uniforms and lancers in 1812 issue kit.
2) And modt picky of all, why are the line regt all sporting blue pompoms on their shakos insterade of the company colours, blue, orange, green white?

(That should kick uo a storm)

Stryker said...

Roy - these are valid points! However (as I think you know!) this whole project is a regression to my childhood where historical fact was thin on the ground. The entire unit has blue pompoms because that's what was shown in my Blandford when I was 12 - I had no idea about company colours back then. I can't give you the prize for pedantry because I know you're not being pedantic!


Rafael Pardo said...

And Poniatowsky died in 1813!
(figting hard to win the pendantry prize!) ,-p

Stryker said...

Hi Rafa - I can't give you the prize either because my scenario could be set in 1812!


Mosstrooper said...

Love the OS feel !.

Rafael Pardo said...

British tourists in Russia? Surely they go to watch a match for World Cup!

Lee said...

Hello Ian,

Reminds me of the old early 'Battle for Wargamers' style shots, spot on!

You might care to see what I'm up to these days? still painting, but changed period (once again!). Hope you don't mind if I add a link here for you?

All the best,

Stryker said...

Rafa - I think we will just have to agree that my "alternative history" will assume that:
1. Marshal Lannes managed to duck that cannonball at Aspern-Essling.
2. The 1812 French uniform issue actually happened in 1805.
3. All French Fusiliers were issued with blue pompoms.
4. Poniatowski was an olympic standard swimmer.
5. The British fought the French at Borodino.
All the above seem somehow just right for this project!