Sunday, 28 August 2011

More Old Old Guard

I made another successful foray on eBay last week and bought these six French Guard Horse Grenadiers for a couple of quid each. I was surprised that I won them at this price because I’ve seen Hinton Hunt cavalry go for well over £5 each of late. It could be another sign of recession or it could just be that I’m the last kid on the block not to have these figures already.

You would think actually that Imperial Guard cavalry would be relatively easy to find because presumably most wargamers back in the 60s and 70s had plenty of Guard figures in their armies. However over the last few years that I have been collecting Hinton Hunt I have turned up precious few. At least I now have this Squadron of Horse Grenadiers to add to my Polish Lancers.

The figure is FN/300 Horse Grenadier Guard mounted on horse FNH/2. These castings are probably destined to languish for some time at the rear of a very, very long painting queue.


Anonymous said...

They look very nice figures as well. I keep an idle watch on eBay Hinton's and I have noticed that prices seem lower than at their height-like you say I think people have less pocket money nowadays (I know I do!).
The existing paint job looks good from the picture-are you intending to start again?

paulalba said...

Nice Ian,
It's always good to pick up a bargain. I missed out on an AB French army recently but managed to secure some AB extras that were badly photographed.

Stryker said...

Matt - The paint job on the horses isn't too bad but the riders will need a substantial touch-up. I think I may have to give up on my plans to re-paint everything entirely but that is definitely my preferred option!


lewisgunner said...

Fine fellows and the right size for your squadrons. IIRC its only at Hanau that the 'big boots' fight in the front so it is only appropriate that they have to queue to get [painted. Matt's right about the paint job. it is a good basic cover so you could bring them to life with only a couple of evening's work.


Stryker said...

RJR - contact me by email and I'll see if I can help (my email contact is on my profile).