Friday, 13 July 2018

More Head Wardens

Don took pity on the 2nd Silesian Landwehr and very kindly sent me an officer, drummer and standard bearer this week to fill some of the command vacancies. This means I’ll be able to expand the command group to include an extra officer and a drummer (the standard bearer will be set aside for future use as WM is supplying a flag for my converted figure).

The officer Don sent is possibly a vintage one but if not is a very good Clayton casting. What has fascinated me about him is that he is identical to the figure that I finished up with after I carried out the head swap (previous post). I’m pretty certain then that Marcus Hinton produced the master for PN.17 Officer (charging) with a simple head swap to the line officer.

The drummer PN/22 Drummer (advancing) was never included in the original HH range and is a later addition produced by David Clayton. The figure has a French style pack rather than a haversack as modelled on the rank and file so again I’m guessing that the master was converted from another figure although I’m not sure which one, possibly a DK?

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Head Wardens

I needed some command figures for my new unit however as I have no Landwehr officer figures I decide to convert some from regular line ones. This involved a head swap which is not something I have ever attempted before and proved a bit fiddly as I don’t really have all the right gear. In the end I used a padded mole-wrench to hold the decapitated heads while I drilled them and it seems to have worked quite well.

One of the donor figures was of the thin variety which has given the new figure a bit of an odd pinhead look. I’ll be using this one as the standard bearer and hopefully the flag will attract attention away from this when he is completed.

The officer figures used are PN.1 Officer (charging) with heads from a couple of charging Landwehr figures who were missing their bayonets. They were all Clayton castings so no vintage figures were harmed in the making of these conversions.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Landwehr progress

I’ve managed to complete another 6 Landwehr this week taking me to the halfway point of the unit. However, I think it’s unlikely that I’ll have the whole unit finished in time for the game at the end of next month due to distractions caused by a combination of work, the World Cup and the heat wave.

Fortunately Goya has come to the rescue by offering to paint up 6 S-Range figures to make up the numbers if I can get my own tally to 18. Another 6 figures from me should be achievable I hope and the resulting temporary unit should look quite interesting.

Whilst painting the current batch I noticed that there are some figures aligned sideways on their bases rather than diagonally as they should be (see the figure in the centre at the front). All these figures are Clayton castings and all came from the same source a few years ago. Presumably these are just casting variations as the figures themselves are identical.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A confession

A few days ago, Mark called for a chat and one of the things he mentioned was whether I’d seen that someone paid £26 for five Hinton Hunt Old Guard Horse Artillerymen on eBay. Caught on the hop (and not wanting to appear like an idiot) I didn’t admit that it was actually me. Not strictly me I suppose as it was Mrs S bidding for my birthday, but I was the one who increased the bid from a sensible(!) £2 per figure to the outlandish £5.20 each I paid.

Now I’ve stayed clear of eBay for quite a few years because I still have way too many figures waiting to paint and these days I tend to acquire stuff through swops or privately or ideally not at all. However, I really wanted to have another Guard Horse Artillery battery and all the usual channels had run dry and there they were beckoning at me, and it was my birthday after all.

They are very nice castings (no honestly, they are) but that really is it for French artillery now!

Saturday, 16 June 2018

French Line Artillery

Having added to the Guard artillery I decided I should add another battery to the French Line foot artillery to even things out. This gives me a total of three Line batteries and at some point I’ll do a fourth.

All my artillery batteries have one gun and four foot figures. The new additions are:

FN/34 Gunner (positioned for manning gun)
FN/35 Gunner (ammunition carrier, running)
FN/33 Gunner (ramming home)
FN/31 Gunner (firing the gun)

The two artillery pieces left and centre are I believe Hinchliffe ones (I’ve had them a while but I'm not completely sure of their pedigree). The gun on the right is by Newline Designs.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Return of the Traffic Wardens

Just when you thought it was safe to park freestyle… the Traffic Wardens are back! These are David Clayton castings of PN.18 Landwehr Private (charging). They are the advance guard of the 2nd Silesian Landwehr.

The 1st Silesian Landwehr have gained something of a reputation for themselves as tenacious fighters bucking the trend of ‘C’ class Militia and seeing off some formidable foes over the last few years. I’m hoping the new battalion will perform equally well.

The reason for this departure from my schedule of painting Imperial Guard is that Goya is planning to host a Plancenoit Command & Colors game soon and we are lacking in Landwehr units. C&CN should be a gentle introduction to table-top warfare for them – just the ticket (forgive the pun).

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Empress’ Dragoons – Updated

One of the comments on my last post suggested that my horse was painted as a bay rather than a chestnut which got me wondering. A quick look at my Kevin Dallimore painting bible confirmed that this is indeed the case as he shows a chestnut as having a light coloured mane and tail.

I’m not normally too fussed about how I paint horses as I’ve never been very good at them (I have the thin excuse that this is a retro project about recreating an army I had as a teenager when my painting left a lot to be desired). However I thought I should revisit my test figure (which is of course the point of doing a test figure) and dry brush the mane and tail with Foundry 53C. I think it was worth this little extra bit of effort.

A couple of you asked what green I used for the coat. It was nothing too exotic, just the unimaginatively named Foundry French Dragoon Green 70B. I’m going to plough on with the rest of the squadron however this may get interrupted by another unit of Silesian Landwehr which is entirely Goya's fault.