Sunday, 20 April 2014

Garde Imperiale

Finished at last – the 2nd Regiment de Grenadiers-a-Pied de la Garde Imperiale.

Deployed in line - a splendid sight!

 In case you forgot - click here to see how they used to look.

This unit is made up of 20 x FN/23 Grenadier (firing), 1 x FN/27 Officer (marching), 1 x FN/28 Grenadier Sergeant (marching) – all vintage Hinton Hunt figures. It turns out that the standard bearer and drummer are from US maker The Replacement Depot a contemporary of Hinton Hunt who appear to have borrowed quite heavily from Marcus Hinton’s work.

Just to prove that I don't just paint the fronts!

 The Emperor leads the Guard forward.

A very welcome (if slightly overdue) addition to the French order of battle. There are rumours that the Emperor may soon be taking the entire Grand Armee eastwards...

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Guest Appearance #3

This week Paul sent me some pictures of his rather superb looking Hinton Hunt Scots Greys. He started painting them 30 years ago and with the 200th anniversary of Waterloo approaching has been inspired to finish them off. This should give hope to all of us tardy painters!

What a stiring sight - a full regiment of Scots Greys troopers charging. They are all Hinton Hunt castings except for the chap nearest the camera who is by US maker Der Kreigspieler (what a happy coincidence that they made a figure that fits in so well).

 "Scotland forever!"

Lovely brushwork Paul (and some nifty conversions too) – we look forward to seeing more.

If any other readers of this blog want to send pictures of their collections please feel free to do so and I will endeavour to post them (you can contact me via the email address in my profile).

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Veterans (Off Topic #23)

Having settled down for a painting session this week I decided instead to sort through my soldier cupboard (yes I have a whole cupboard to myself) and I chanced upon my 28mm Gripping Beast Carthaginians. They were looking a bit sad crammed into a plastic storage box with a few shields and spears drifting around in the bottom so I thought I’d better get them out and give them some TLC.

Veterans supported!

Some of my other Punic War figures have featured briefly on this blog before (click here) but I was never really happy with the Warhammer bases I put them on – I just don’t like thick bases – so when we moved house a few years back I de-based them and stuck them in the cupboard. I had a vague idea of re-basing them some day on plasticard but the prospect of cutting up all those little squares put me off.

 "Blimey I feel like a right Nellie - some of them there frogs av' got round behind us!"

Then by chance I came across the Renedra website and ordered some of their 20mm square plastic bases together with a bigger one for Nellie (I have to say that their service is fantastic – ordered Monday evening, delivered Wednesday). The lads are looking much happier now they are upright again and I hope soon to have them back in full fighting trim.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A small parade

I managed to get the new 105th ligne based up over the weekend and here they are parading on the dining room table along with their chums from the 45th. Marshal Grouchy is out in front putting them through their paces.

When I finally get the Old Guard Grenadiers finished I will have a total of 7 French infantry battalions (well not all strictly French as this total includes the Poles and Swiss) plus the various skirmisher companies – quite a respectable army and way beyond the size of force I had imagined at the start of this project.

Now for a little quiz – what dubious honour do both these French regiments share?

Thursday, 27 February 2014

105e regiment d’infanterie – Sneak Preview

Well, the lads came back from Lee this week and I’m now in the process of basing them prior to a proper parade.

As you can see, Lee has done a superb job – I just love that drummer! Having a whole new unit completed so quickly has been a real shot in the arm to this project and I hope very soon to complete my Old Guard unit as well.

Perhaps then a full review of the French forces is in order.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Final Five

Just to prove that I am still beavering away at the unit of Old Guard here is a picture of the final five figures after they emerged this morning from their overnight bleach bath.

I find that stripping the old paint work from vintage figures is quite a therapeutic experience because (mostly) the existing paint work is pretty poor or half done (see here) and returning them to the state of a clean casting sits well with my OCD tendencies. This particular batch still have the odd bit of flash metal attached (I’m always amazed at how many previously painted figures have never had the flash removed) and one has had the corners of his base clipped, presumably to help him line up in the ranks. Close examination has revealed that only one of these figures has the Hinton Hunt code number stamped under its base the others being completely unmarked. This does not mean that the figures are not genuine vintage castings because I bought many figures direct from Hinton Hunt in the 70s that had no codes.

I have already lost the race with Lee to finish this unit before he completed and returned the unit of French Fusiliers to me (to see how he got on click here) but at least it has given me the prod I needed to get on towards the finishing line.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Going Dutch

Continuing with the series of archive photos (what a great way to disguise the fact that I’ve done precious little painting since the last post) here’s one of a Hinton Hunt Dutch artillery battery. The figures are:

DN55 gunner running with ammunition bag
DN53 gunner holding cannon ball
DN51 gunner with port fire
DN52 gunner with rammer
(cannon by Newline Designs)

I painted these a few years back as a thank you for a package of HH figures received from down under. By coincidence the figures I received included the same batch of French Fusiliers that Lee is currently painting up for me.

As far as I know these Dutch gunners are still living it up in the Australian sunshine - lucky them!